20th July 2022

A Guide to Managing Your Money: Moving House

Read some tips to better manage your money when you move house, so you can be completely confident your finances are under control during the transition.

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A Guide to Managing Your Money: Moving House
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Finances are a critical component of buying property across every stage of the process. When you’re moving house, knowing your finances are managed and in good order takes some of the stress away. But how exactly do you manage your money when moving to a new property? Keep on reading to learn some useful tips.


Create an expense tracking spreadsheet

In the weeks and even months leading up to your moving date, curate a spreadsheet that allows you to track your expenses. This allows you to manage your spending and, if you have a budget for various expenses, you can track whether or not that budget has been kept to. If you notice your expenses going above what you expected, you then know to cut back on spending in other areas.

If you want to work out the average cost you can expect to incur when moving properties, there are many useful expense calculators online. This is one of many examples.


Take the time to declutter your belongings

Depending on how long you’ve lived in your current property, it’s likely you’ve collected a lot of clutter over the months and years. Decluttering your property in the lead-up to the move has many benefits. For one, you can sell your unwanted belongings to bolster your finances a little more as long as the items are in good condition still. Also, the less clutter you have the less stuff you have to bring with you. This means smaller removal fees if you’re hiring the assistance of moving experts.


Book in advance to remove blindsiding risk

Leaving the booking of removal experts or other services until the last minute risks being blindsided by extortionate fees or unavailability. If you want to manage your finances well, book as far ahead as possible to ensure you get the price and date you want. You’re also more likely to be offered a better deal for services, especially if you shop around. This also goes for finding energy suppliers or insurance deals.


Other money managing tips

There are many other ways you can manage and save money when moving house, including:

  • Pack up your home yourself
  • Move belongings without a removal firm
  • Run down your food supplies in the lead-up to moving
  • Stick to agreed moving dates to avoid incurred fees
  • Clean your old property yourself
  • Choose the cheapest day(s) to move if possible


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