15th May 2015

Advise on Pensions and Investments

Thriving North West property investment company, Harewood Associates, in Bolton, Lancashire, have delivered a strong supporting case for investing in property over a pension.

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Advise on Pensions and Investments

In time for the upcoming elections, where the future of pensions is uncertain, Harewood Associates Managing Director, Peter Kiely, believes that it’s imperative to be equipped and aware of any possible pitfalls when investing pension funds into private companies and properties.

Peter stresses that it is vital to research any companies, using Companies House to ensure there is a strong set of accounts and testimonials present. There are also several reasons to be wary of any cold calling companies or upfront fees, reputable companies would never advocate this.

Above all, questions should be asked and you should have access to any legal agreements prepared by a reputable Solicitor, the Land Registry can help with this.

“We don’t want to alarm people but believe that greater freedom within pension investment options is essential. Not all companies operate with the same integrity and honesty as Harewood Associates, we truly believe it is a privilege to be entrusted with client’s money and we look after their best interests to maximise their returns.”

Money expert, Martin Lewis, backs up Peter’s opinions by saying, “I’m concerned many will be nervous about releasing the cash in case they’re left with none in old age and will therefore sit on it, never spending it, depriving themselves of the benefit and living a worse life than necessary. If you’ve a sizable pension pot its worth spending the £300 to £1,000 it’ll cost to get an independent financial adviser.”

About Harewood Associates

Peter Kiely launched Harewood in 2010 which was during the middle of the recession. The company is now projecting a £40 million turnover next year and £50 million the following year with offices covering the North West and Mayfair, London.

Harewood offer up to 30% per annum return from investing in new residential developments.

The Share Deal gives investors the opportunity to invest in a variety of high profit residential developments. Each development is owned by a single purpose vehicle (or SPV). This is a simple, private limited company set up for the sole purpose of buying, developing and selling a single residential development. As an investor, you will own shares in this company and therefore when the property is sold, you will receive a share of the profits in proportion to the amount of the shares you own.

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