The digital revolution has forever changed the investment world

Algotechs is a software company that generates profits using an algorithm catered to the Capital Market. In September, the firm was featured in Wealth & Finance International’s 2018 Global Business Excellence Awards, receiving the award of ‘2018’s Leading Algo Trading Company’. Following this well-deserved acknowledgement, we spoke with Roy Evans, Chief Marketing Officer at Algotechs, to find out more about this innovative firm and software.

The digital revolution has forever changed the investment world. As technology develops, the sector evolves with it, as firms look to capitalise on the opportunities and benefits of tech adoption. In recent years, this has created a schism as firms keep apace of the latest developments or choose to stick to more traditional approaches of investments and trading. In the wake of this division, few firms have made their mark as dominantly as Algotechs has. As the leading international Algo Trading company, Algotechs represents the cutting edge of a sub sector that has reinvigorated trading for the modern age.

To start the interview, Roy takes a moment to detail Algotechs’ operations. “Our software is based on a complex and intelligently designed mathematical equation. We provide the ability for any interested investor to benefit using the brilliant ATS software. Whether it be a businessman interested in diversifying his financial portfolio, a couple looking to secure their children’s future or an individual planning a better future for himself. Our company strives to allow any interested investor to profit using our software.”

This ties intrinsically to Algotechs’ mission: to provide a service that outmatches human capabilities, and by extension, their human-limitations. “Algotechs’ goal is to provide a software that can make the precise, speedy and accurate trading decisions that are limited when it comes to human capabilities. This is achieved by using an automated system that works based on years of statistical data and Capital Market trends. The software requires absolutely no previous experience or knowledge on the investors part, minimising the time consumption required to execute trades. In addition, there is absolutely no emotion involved in the decision making, no subjectivity, no hesitation or mistakes. It’s all done according to predefined, carefully calculated parameters.”

On the back of this sentiment, the conversation soon turns to the future of investments, and how, perhaps, Algotechs represents an inevitability. Algorithms, AI, machine operated systems are the words that are currently being used in the industry, as they look set to permanently replace human-based trading. Roy fundamentally agrees: “As technology changes and renews itself all the time, Capital Market technology develops as well. Today, Capital Market trading through software is becoming the more dominant option. Human trading is becoming a thing of the past, due to human-limited capabilities. Major institutions, banks and hedge funds already operate mostly using automated systems. Because of this, Algotechs’ automated trading software needs to stay on top of the game by providing precise and powerful transactions that are constantly renewed and improved.”

“While the Capital Market is on an upward trend for the past 10 years, it is relatively easy for the private trader to make profit. When -and there is always a when- the market turns a different direction, most private traders are unable to cope with the reversal of the trend and cannot maintain their successful yields, both because of the time consumption, and the lack of speed required to execute quick, precise and completely accurate trades, which is exactly what our Algorithm was designed to do. It is important to keep in mind, that history has proven that since the invention of machinery, in every confrontation between man and machine – machine has always prevailed.”

As we come to the end of the interview, Roy moves to discuss Algotechs’ future in an industry that seems all but guaranteed to favour their endeavours.  “We see a bright future with our friend referral program, which expands with new clients every day. As a successful company, we trust that our satisfied customers will want to have their friends and family members invest as well. Therefore, we have a friend referral program which provides a bonus for both the client who brings a friend as well as for the friend who joins the company. We definitely see this growing and reaching new heights.

“We have numerous new projects on the horizon, some of which include; rebranding, a new and improved website to come along with it and much more. Stay tuned to find out what other surprises we have in store! It also goes without saying that Algotechs hopes to continue providing consistently high returns and strong clientele service.”

Company Details:

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Posted by Patrick Doherty