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Saving money
Simple Ways to Save Money That Often Go Overlooked
One of the most fundamental concepts of generating wealth is knowing how to save money. When you master the art
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Plan A-B
How to Know When to Use an Alternative and When to Stay the Mainstream Course
At some point in your life, you have been encouraged to think outside the box. In the simplest terms, it
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Stimulus Check
8 Great Ways to Use Your Stimulus Check
You’re getting the stimulus check, which is great news for those experiencing financial hardship. Now, it’s time to think about
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Female Investor
Here Is What Your Company Can Do to Attract More Women Investors
Women make up about 50% of the population while controlling only 30% of the wealth. This is the worldwide statistic
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Business leader
How Your Leadership Team May Be Ruining Your Business
Any business’s objective is to make a profit or be sustainable over time. To achieve that outcome, one must understand
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How to Gracefully Exit the Business World and Move to the Next Phase of Life
There is this little thing called retirement. It is held up as the prize for a life well lived with
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Afghanistan Currency
Securing Stability & Success in Afghanistan’s Economy
As the largest commercial bank in Afghanistan, it may have also proven difficult for Azizi Bank to simultaneously ascertain the
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Bitcoin to Hit Fresh Highs – But Standby for Regulator-Triggered Price Swings
The Bitcoin price nears $50,000 and will continue to reach new highs in this first quarter of 2021 – but
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economic recovery 2021 covid pandemic
Self-employed Workers Estimated to Contribute £125 Billion to Drive the UK’s Economic Recovery
Research released on Monday by Mettle, the NatWest-backed business account, using YouGov’s platform, estimates that the UK’s growing self-employed and
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Woman credit card
How to Build Credit the Right Way
People say that money makes the world go round, but the truth is that good credit provides you with the
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female investor stock market
Women Investors in Loans Rose by 43% in Europe in 2020
Mintos, the largest marketplace for investing in loans in Europe, saw a stable increase among women investors in the EU,
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ai awards pr
Wealth & Finance Magazine Announces the Winners of the 2020 Artificial Intelligence Awards
Wealth & Finance magazine has announced the winners of the 2020 Artificial Intelligence Awards.
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