eurobrand , the European independent experts for brand, patent & IP valuation & strategy, has released its global brand value GLOBAL TOP 100 rankings, which examine more than 3,000 corporations in 16 industries, with comparisons of Europe, America and Asia.

Apple remains the world’s No. 1 brand corporation with a brand value of €113.165bn, followed by Google representing a value of €67.471bn (+22,7%) which overtook the Coca Cola Company with a brand value of €64.775bn.

LVMH remains Europe’s most valuable brand corporation representing a brand value of €39.351bn (global rank 12), followed by Nestlé with a value of €33.049bn and AB Inbev representing a value of €29.858bn.

In summary:

• The Top 10 global brand corporations are US-based

• The US brand landscape is dominated by IT & Technology, Consumer Goods and Financial Services and represents46 out of the TOP 100 brand corporations. Europe represents 41 with Germans leading, whilst Asia is represented with 13 brand corporations.

• Volkswagen Group No. 1 global automotive brand

• Highest growth in Europe shows global No.3 automotive brand corporation Daimler Group gaining +20.60% and Deutsche Telekom Group growing by +12.10%.

• In Asia, China Mobile remains No.1 with a brand value of €43.929bn (global rank 11). Toyota shows the highest growth (+15.20%).