Frequently Asked Questions

How have I received a vote?

We invited our subscriber base of Wealth and Finance INTL and an additional base of industry specific professionals to place a vote using our online voting form. On occasion Wealth and Finance INTL also puts forward companies that we may have worked with or profiled recently. We also accept self-nominations.

How do I know the votes for me are legitimate?

All votes are being filtered by our system which tracks data such as the IP address, time and date of the submission. Our system carefully picks out all votes that could be caused by spam.

How does the process work?

Once shortlisted, our research team will begin a vigorous research process and produce a case file for each nomination. You will also have the chance to provide any supporting evidence if you wish. All information gathered will then be passed to our in-house judging panel who make the ultimate decision. Awards are given solely on merit as we do accept self-nominations this could be make the process unfair,

What if I win?

All winners will be notified formally via email. We will produce a winners’ magazine allowing you to publicise your win. There are marketing opportunities available however these are OPTIONAL and all winners’ will be entitled to some free elements.

Is there a charge for accepting this nomination?

No, there are no mandatory costs throughout the process and nor if you should be successful.

When are the winners announced?

There is a strict embargo in place until we have made the official announcement, so we do ask all winners if they could wait until publicizing their win themselves.

Is there an awards ceremony?

No we do not hold an event or dinner. It is part of our overriding philosophy that should winners’ decide to part with money and promote their award, then it should go towards meaningful marketing campaigns rather than a slap up dinner!

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