Our Readership

Wealth & Finance International is read by an established global network of high net worth individuals, forward-thinking fund managers and private and institutional investors, hungry for the latest news and opinion on the issues that matter most.

Our high quality, well-researched and thought-provoking content, brought to you by a global network of experienced journalists, analysts and industry insiders keeps them up-to-date with the biggest and most significant developments across their industry or sector and, in many cases, becomes a vital part of their decision making process.


Where are we Read?

With a global audience of over 130,000, our engaged and established readership stretches from North America and Europe to Asia and the Middle East.

As a result, we're perfectly placed to reach the locations, markets and individuals who matter, who influence the conversation and mould the investment and funds landscape as we know it.


What do They Use Wealth & Finance for?

For our readership, Wealth & Finance is an essential tool for keeping up to date with the news, opinion and deals shaping the investments arena across their region and beyond.

For many, the magazine also provides a no-nonsense and to-the-point approach to reporting that makes it a powerful weapon in their decision making armoury and is invaluable when deciding what moves to make and when to make them.

Finally, because we encourage contribution from some of the most prominent and respected figures from the funds and investment arenas, Wealth & Finance is also an important forum for sharing, discussing and gaining a holistic and in-depth understanding of the issues and challenges shaping the industry today.


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