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The City of Bellevue Nebraska’s Engineering, Public Works, Planning and Permitting Departments work very hard to make development easy and timely while simultaneously, Bellevue’s expert staff work equally as hard at ensuring the safety and quality of life for our citizens by insisting the integrity of our rules, regulations and policies are upheld.

French for “beautiful view,” Nebraska’s first community has a growing and diverse economy and is located on the eastern edge of Sarpy County, which is the fastest growing county in the State of Nebraska.

The City’s population is 5% younger than the state average and the average household income is 5% higher. More than 25% of the population are college graduates. The low crime rate, low unemployment and low cost of living, coupled with award-winning schools and modern health care facilities make the community very business and family-friendly. With miles of biking and hiking trails, dozens of parks with playgrounds and sports fields, there is always something to do in Bellevue.

The City’s infrastructure of well-maintained roads, communications facilities, access to transportation centre and list of incentives provides an ideal atmosphere for business opportunities.

Bellevue is also home to Offutt Air Force Base and the newly constructed headquarters for STRATCOM. Defence contractors are seen throughout the area and Offutt AFB has a $1.3 billion dollar per year impact on the area’s economy. This is a great benefit to the community.

Bellevue is a major part of the Omaha-Council Bluffs Metropolitan Statistical Area. Our region was identified by several publications as the best area to withstand the recession and Nebraska was listed #3 on Forbes list of 2015 Best States for Business.

Our philosophy can be seen in our Mission Statement:
“Provide exceptional customer service . . .” are the first words. The four words translate into actions, as anything we can do at the City of Bellevue to help a business project or new development get completed faster, or enter the market quicker, without treading on our organizational integrity. Team Bellevue will do their best to accomplish necessary tasks as quickly as possible saving businesses and developers time and money.

In order to achieve their Mission, Bellevue’s management team is continuously seeking out new and innovative methods of doing business in a more efficient and effective manner. Continuing education is required for nearly all personnel in management positions and continual developmental growth provides additional opportunities for organizational preparedness.

Our city’s leadership and management has stressed a future focused leadership approach by implementing performance management, succession planning, strategic planning and fiscal conservatism. Citizens and businesses in Bellevue benefit from improved efficiencies and added value for their tax dollars. This strategy has already achieved tremendous growth for the city in the interests for industrial, rail serve sites. Thus, Team Bellevue has identified multiple sites in the Bellevue area where rail serve businesses could be located which will help assist further future development.

Bellevue’s leadership has made great progress and looking further into the future, great growth is predicted. Team Bellevue will continue to work with area professionals and plan development for the incentivised areas. Within our city, quality of life, convenience, opportunity and affordability are key characteristics to business attraction, expansion and retention. As we move into 2016 we will continue to build on key characteristics and ensure they are maintained for years to come.

Company: City of Bellevue, Nebraska
Name: Larry D. Burks, ICMA-CM, MPA, CED
Email: [email protected]
Web Address:
Address: 210 W. Mission Ave. Bellevue, NE 68005
Telephone: 402.682.6632

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