PayPal Will Soon Include Bitcoin on Its Platform — Is This Good News?
Blockchain tech is going mainstream as the traditional finance world begins to embrace its disruptive potential. Bitcoin and Ethereum are
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World Mental Health Day: Does More Money Correlate With More Happiness?
It’s an age-old question, does money really bring happiness? While many joys can’t purchased, money can give access to things
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boost economy
How The UK Furlough Scheme Boosted the Economy
The UK Furlough Scheme is providing fixed wages to the employees who would have otherwise been unemployed
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saving pounds
Britons are Set to Accumulate £75.5bn in Savings as Lockdown Sparks a ‘Money Revolution’
Joint research by the multi-asset investment platform and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) shows those fortunate enough
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The Emerging World of Cryptocurrency
As the name suggests, cryptocurrencies are an emerging currency based on cryptography. Bitcoin is the most famous example, but new
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Bas NieuweWeme
Lockdown has crystallised what the S stands for in ESG
The coronavirus crisis and subsequent lockdown have finally given real clarity on how to evaluate companies’ ability to tackle social
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value stocks
These 5 stocks prove that value investing isn’t dead
Investors who ignore so-called “value stocks” are at risk of missing out on good long-term gains, RWC Partner’s Ian Lance
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managing finances
How can tech help people manage finances during isolation?
Yiannis Faf, CEO, What We Want The spread of coronavirus has caused an incredible amount of disruption to lives and
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online broker
Quick Tips for Choosing the Best Online Broker
There are plenty of factors that contribute to making someone a successful trader.
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Why financial planning tools should be at the forefront of every modern wealth management firm
There has been a radical shift in client’s behaviour towards portfolio construction. No longer is there a requirement for costly
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Customers out in the cold the removal of banking services under UK civil and criminal law
Customers out in the cold: the removal of banking services under UK civil and criminal law
Financial crime is one of the biggest threats facing the global economy. The 2019 Crime Survey for England & Wales
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UK reduces its oil imports by over 75 million barrels in five years
UK reduces its oil imports by over 75 million barrels in five years
While the country remains the 12th biggest global importer of oil, including petroleum oils, it has taken great strides towards
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