Independent Legal and Will Solutions Ltd (iLAWS) are now one of Scotland’s largest Estate Planning professionals advising on and producing effective and robust wills, powers of attorney, care cost planning and although not directly authorised themselves, routes to fully authorised and independent Financial Advisers for a Client’s savings and pensions needs. Although based in Glasgow, ILAWS have many associate partner solicitor firms from Aberdeen to Edinburgh and beyond allowing them to cover most of Scotland.

Why are ILAWS doing so well?
ILAWS are unique in their approach to customer service. They will not produce documents for any Client until they have completed a detailed Client Questionnaire of the Clients situation and their requirements. This ensures that the Client receives the best possible advice.

Director Tony Marchi says, “it is always easy for a firm do the minimum of background work with a Client. We have seen this done by other firms and unfortunately because the correct amount of time and care has not been taken, the Client ends up with the wrong product or poor advice resulting in things going wrong. This has never been our approach. We want to treat every Client like a personal family member, ensuring that we give them the time and the correct advice. Actually, it works for us as well as the Clients because the Clients are taken care of properly and we end up get a tremendous amount of referral business.”

ILAWS try to make things easy for a Client. Particularly unusual in the industry is the fact that they will go out and visit with Clients in their own homes as well as office appointments. This means the Clients relax more in their own surroundings and don’t have to worry about getting out to city office appointments. “Some Clients are elderly, and it just doesn’t make sense to drag them out to see us when we can more easily go and visit them,” says Elaine. ILAWS will also do evening appointments when the Client has finished work to save them having to take time off to deal with these things.

The business has continued to grow steadily over the last number of years, and there is no mystery as to why this is happening. Good customer care coupled with a proper professional advice has seen each client referring other members of their family and friends back to ILAWS and their client bank has swelled to an enviable size. “Although, we are extremely proud of our achievements so far, this is something which we keep a close eye on and recruit accordingly to ensure that no matter how many Clients we have, we are always ahead of the game in providing every one of them with the resource to ensure a pleasant and efficient service” Elaine Hamilton concludes.