2022 Venture Capital Award Packages

About the Venture Capital Awards introduction Introduction Introduction Wealth and Finance International is proud to announce the launch of the Venture Capital Awards, being introduced for the first time in 2022! The goal of the Venture Capital Awards 2022 is to recognise the leading players in this field, whose expertise and proficiency in current investment markets and trends has resulted in strong profits, high growth, and technological advancement. After a decade of consistent growth in Venture Capital funding levels, culminating in a series of all-time high quarters throughout 2021, this year so far has seen a degree of pullback on investing value. While some industry commentors may interpret this as a sign of market decline, we at Wealth and Finance International instead see the potential for innovation in this sector. The Venture Capital industry is on the precipice of significant evolution in both the financing process and investment cycle, as seed capital is slowly becoming the dominant funding stage. Growing commitment to ESG-focused and sustainable investing methods is another influential factor shaping the Venture Capital landscape today.