Q1 2019

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 4 Wealth & Finance International - Q1 2019 Company’s current investors add capital to Series A round in show of confidence ahead of Series B new funding later this year. Investors include Mundi Ventures, British Airways Chairman and CEO Alex Cruz, and other tech and business luminaries Sherpa.ai Adds $8.5M In New Capital to Fuel Business Growth Sherpa.ai (www.sherpa.ai ), the #1 Spanish language digital voice assistant and global leader of AI-powered digital predictive assistants, recently announced it has added $8.5 million to its Series A funding led by Mundi Ventures, whose fund is focused on AI, with participation from the Chairman and CEO of British Airways, Alex Cruz, for a total raise of $15 million to date. Sherpa.ai will use the new funding to accelerate the development of its conversational AI platform and pre- dictive voice-enabled digital assistant for consumers and businesses. This new investment will bridge the company until its Series B funding round anticipated to close later this year. “Sherpa.ai has experienced tremendous growth and is poised to be- come the most advanced conversational and predictive AI OS in the industry,” said Rajeev Singh-Molares, partner at Mundi Ventures and former President of Alcatel-Lucent Asia-Pacific. “Sherpa.ai has shown phenomenal potential and amazing growth since the first close of the Series A. By increasing our investment in this company, we are able to accelerate Sherpa.ai on its journey.” “Sherpa.ai is transforming the way people think about AI in their lives,” said Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria, founder and chief executive officer of Sherpa.ai. He continued, “In this business climate, people are hun- grier than ever for the devices they interact with to be intelligent and anticipate their needs. We’re improving the breadth, depth, and quality of our conversational and predictive technology to help consumers as well as support the growing interest we’re seeing from enterprises in making intelligent, predictive services available to their customers.” Recently, Sherpa.ai unveiled the sherpa.ai Conversational OS platform to advance AI integration. The Sherpa.ai Conversational OS features 36 domains across news, entertainment, travel, and produc- tivity to create the best experience for the end-user. The company has used the OS to developed specific products across verticals including cars, smart speakers, wearables and more. This has enabled Sherpa. ai to develop strategic relationships with Samsung and Porsche. In the coming months, Sherpa.ai will announce additional key strategic relationships with multinational companies. At the end of the year, Sherpa.ai also unveiled the Sherpa.ai Predic- tive and Recommending engine, a personal “assistant-like” platform capable of anticipating the user’s needs without any interaction with the system. The new predictive and recommendation engine can predict the news you want to know, prioritize emails for response, adjust the temperature in your home before you arrive and even warm up your dinner. Sherpa.ai analyzes 100,000 parameters per user with the objective of predicting what the user is going to need before the system is asked.

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