Q2 2019

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 12 Wealth & Finance International - Q2 2019 Financial advisory is a difficult sector to succeed in. A firm’s survival hinges on an ability to produce cold, hard results, despite and often in the face of economic uncertainty. Equally, for those that do achieve results, they will have potentially secured a long-term partnership with their clients– after all, financial advice is always in demand and remains important at all stages of a person’s life. Today, the financial advisory sector is a long way indeed from what it was a decade ago. It is now more professionally-managed, more highly- regulated, and more qualified than it has ever been. Yet, even amongst this paradigm shift, Continuum has forged an impressive reputation. After all, Continuum was created to fundamentally be different than their peers through the creation of an enriched partnership that focuses on the success of all parties involved. In an industry that has, in the past, been defined by a conflict of interests between the adviser and client, this approach offers a breath of fresh air. Ultimately, Continuum don’t believe in selling a client on a product – only on offering them the best advice for their financial situation. Moreover, they believe that financial advice shouldn’t exclusively be for the wealthy. Everyone, regardless of their situation, needs to achieve financial goals and secure a future without economic worries. This only provides more evidence for Continuum’s dedication to client- centricity, as they work to align their concerns with that of the client. Through providing an unbiased, expert, and uncomplicated service Continuum ensures they remain as accessible as possible, opening their services up to a wider audience. It is unpretentious, clear, and concise. Continuum also understand that the financial sector is incredibly complicated for businesses, who can struggle to navigate the labyrinthian landscape of regulations, rules, and laws. In much the same way as their private clients, Continuum Financial Advisory Services Defined by Expertise and Experience ensure that their corporate clients are aware of their options, and work alongside the firm to secure the best possible outcome. For this, Continuum were recognised as the best workplace solutions adviser – an accolade that they are almost uniquely qualified for. Feb19587 Continuum Financial Services LLP has thrived on the back of an ethos defined by clarity and a commitment to their clients. In an industry which relies, crucially, on results, they have seen success through harnessing their significant expertise to help their clients achieve a brighter financial future. Following their success in the 2019 Global Business Excellence Awards, where they were named ‘Most Outstanding Workplace Solutions Adviser’, we took a closer look at the firm to find out more. Address: Continuum Financial Services Falcon House, Eagle Road, Plymouth, PL7 5JY, United Kingdom Email: [email protected] Website: https://mycontinuum.co.uk/ Telephone: +44 (0) 345 643 0770