Q3 2019

Wealth & Finance International - Q3 2019 15 Jun19491 Inbound FinTech: The Marketing Agency for the Finance & Technology Markets Inbound FinTech is a multi-award-winning growth agency that specialises in the Financial Services and FinTech sector. Following the company’s success in 2019 FinTech Awards, where they were named ‘Best FinTech Marketing Agency’, we spoke to Group CEO Sheila Mitham to find out more about their expertise. Where many marketing agencies have capitalised on the online marketplace to cater to multiple industries, Inbound FinTech has chosen to capitalise on the team’s knowledge of Financial Markets and expertise in FinTech solutions. Using this deep sector knowledge, Inbound FinTech recognised the power of creating relevant content, tailored to clients’ key personas (ideal customers), throughout the buyer’s journey. content generation with today’s key marketing disciplines, such as PPC (pay-per-click), SEO, marketing automation and account-based marketing. This holistic marketing methodology has secured Inbound FinTech as one of the experts in the field, with a proven track record for lead gen and digital growth, resulting in a swiftly burgeoning client base. To begin, Sheila offers more information on the company’s services: “Integrating full-service marketing activities with digital campaigns, we create marketing strategies and thought- leadership content, delivering data-driven solutions to attract, educate, nurture and convert leads into customers. We use advanced, modern data-driven inbound and outbound methodologies to drive quality leads and grow revenue for companies.” Ultimately, Sheila’s message is simple: “If you want to grow the number of marketing leads you’re generating for your business, you need to look beyond the traditional methods of B2B lead generation and embrace emerging digital channels, data-driven approaches and modern lead gen tactics. This can range from email marketing (utilising automation) and PPC to inbound content creation and account-based marketing campaigns.” On every front, there can be no question about the company’s, or Sheila’s, expertise. As a Platinum Hubspot agency, Inbound FinTech is in the top 5% of agencies worldwide – no small achievement by any means! The agency’s growth has been rapid. Inbound FinTech recently won two HubSpot Impact Awards (for Sales Enablement and Integrations Innovation) and was selected as a finalist in the 2018 LinkedIn Marketing Awards for client lead generation campaigns. Whether it be through organic and paid digital lead generation, event planning, SEO, or thought- leadership content creation, Sheila and her team harness the right tools and techniques to achieve tangible results and the highest possible ROI. “We use account-based marketing and other effective solutions to drive high-quality sales qualified leads for our clients’ Sales division. We are also an experienced Google partner, so we can leverage Google Ads effectively to target the right prospects for clients and align campaigns with our inbound strategy. “Inbound FinTech differentiates itself by presenting a truly unique offering that delivers a comprehensive range of marketing, media communications and sales enablement solutions to arm our clients with the tools to attract high-quality leads and drive business growth. Finally, we have deep sector knowledge of the industry and know the ecosystem inside and out.” “Inbound FinTech can give your Sales team the tools and techniques to convert leads into revenue.” Counting Capital Markets, InsureTech, Banking, Wealth Management, SaaS companies, and other financial institutions, among her clients, it’s clear that Sheila’s approach and offerings have worked, and her business continues to grow as a result. Yet, that is not to say that her work is without its share of challenges, as she explains in more detail. “Usually clients say ‘we know our audience, we know them all’, etc. They also tell us that it’s all about relationship marketing. Whilst that does have a place, the advancements in digital media open up their reach and audience size. They often have a “hit list” of golden customers they want, which we can use for inbound and outbound campaigns. They also use long sales cycles, so nurturing and end-to-end tracking is vital to show ROI.” Finally, Sheila offers some insight into the future of Inbound FinTech, as the company looks to solidify its position in the market and expand into new ones. “We have scaled with pace. The majority of our clients have been on the journey with us. We have plans to become the number one Financial Services agency in the UK and grow internationally.” Company: Inbound Fintech Name: Sheila Mitham Address: 33 Queen St, London, United Kingdom Website: https://www.inboundfintech.com/ “Inbound FinTech can give your Sales team the tools and techniques to convert leads into revenue.”