Alternative Investment Awards 2016 13 This approach means that we have an unsurpassed ability among our peers to customise / structure fund solutions for our clients. Many of our single strategy funds have been created at the request / suggestion of our pension, institutional and wealth management clients. We take great pride in our risk management system which ensure that our investors always receive the very best possible returns. The system constantly monitors investment breaches by our Portfolio Managers. Our independent risk monitoring company who are one of the leaders in the industry produces monthly risk reports that tracks over factors, including cross correlations, underlying asset performance, risk factor exposure (equity, fixed income and country risks), P/L attribution, liquid- ity analysis, tracking versus our peer group, etc. Within the Asian investment market it is critical to keep ahead of emerg- ing trends and developments, and therefore Gen2 Partners regularly communicates with market participants in order to ensure that our information is up to date. We also keep a good network of brokers, who always hold a lot of information on the industry, such as IPOs or how the market is performing. Thus we operate a strong collaborative approach, which, combined with our risk averse strategy has helped to ensure a strong performance from the fund, and we have made 5% returns over the past 12 months, and despite tough economic conditions across the Asian market. Many alterations to legislation in our region are proving our firm with unique opportunities for growth. One such development is the Korean Government’s changing regulations, which now allow offshore investors greater access to its markets, as well as enabling firms such as mine to easily set up hedge fund businesses within the country. Therefore, moving forward Gen2 Partners is keen to set up a hedge fund management company in Korea, as well as looking for an invest- ment opportunity in an established asset management firm in the coun- try, looking to become the second largest shareholder in this business. This is an exciting opportunity for our firm as the Korean investment market is currently very strong, and the country has a lot of money internally, particularly invested in its pension funds, some of which are the third largest in the world, which is still growing rapidly. Owing to their aging population the country has to invest offshore, and Gen2 Partners is perfectly placed to support them in this. By creating an office in Korea we will increase our investor base and grow our assets under management significantly. GEN2 PARTNERS C 2