Alternative Investment Awards 2016 15 Award for Innovation in Foreign Direct Investment Opportunities New Brunswick is New Brunswick’s business development agency dedicated to improving the region’s corporate landscape. We interviewed CEO Stephen Lund who provided us with a fascinating insight into the organisation and its exciting plans for the future of this dynamic region. Company: Opportunities New Brunswick Address: Place 2000, 250 King Street, Fredericton, NB E3B 9M9, Canada Phone: 1.506.453.5471 Email: [email protected] Website: Opportunities New Brunswick, (ONB) specialises in providing New Brunswick-based businesses with, support, advice and financial assis- tance. We work across all industries and sectors, with a focus on IT, cy- bersecurity and Financial Services. New Brunswick is North America’s Near Shore Center for Business Services. The region has many advantages, including a skilled and motivated workforce, world-class communications infrastructure, unsurpassed quality of life and low corporate income tax, all of which make New Brunswick the ideal region in which to grow any business. New Bruns- wick’s naturally strategic location and time zone in Atlantic Canada makes it the ideal location for businesses to work with clients in Western Europe, North and South America all in the same day. The area offers ideal transport and technological capabilities all of which will support any firm, whether they are expanding or locating their business to New Brunswick. A unique competitive advantage of ONB is its ability to work at the speed of businesses as a Crown corporation versus a government department. This also affords ONB to simultaneously influence policy and work with government departments of the Government of New Brunswick to make the region extremely business-friendly. ONB stays at the forefront of the latest developments and trends in the corporate market. As an agency we are streamlined and efficient to ensure that we are as effective as possible when working with our clients. My own personal background includes 30-years’ experience in the financial industry with leadership roles in banking, venture capital, business development and international finance. Our goal is to drive growth in the region by encouraging businesses from all sectors to grow their business by expanding operations such as their back office infrastructure in New Brunswick. This could be in the form of one specific area, for example payroll, technological support etc, or it could be in the form of multiple business units encompassing these and other sectors of their business. The result of course is a win- win for New Brunswick and our clients. The businesses that expand in New Brunswick do so because of the tremendous business and growth opportunities. Within the financial services market, we are the back office hub for financial institutions. The value-add is significant. For example, New Brunswick is Canada’s epicentre for cybersecurity. This is critical to the success of financial institutions and locating in New Brunswick makes sense for these businesses. As a value proposition, New Brunswick offers many exhilarating oppor- tunities for financial service organisations. The area already has a vast technological offering, and is home to many major firms in the technolo- gy market. Many major firms, including the Royal Bank of Canada, have already set up their contact centres in the region, and as such we are keen to entice others to join them. This strategy will not just focus on Canadian businesses, but is looking globally, and we are currently in talks with businesses from the US, UK and further afield. By keeping up to date with global trends, we are able to act quickly and adapt to meet the needs of international firms. Com- panies are always looking to grow business through global positionings, and it is our aim to make New Brunswick the premier destination for this. AI16070