Alternative Investment Awards 2016 27 Best Electronic Share Trading Platform 2016 Asset Match is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell shares in UK private compa- nies. We profile the firm to find out more. Company: Asset Match Limited Phone: +44 (0) 207 248 2788 Email: [email protected] Website: Situated in the heart of the City of London, Asset Match provides unique and customised services to investors, companies, shareholders and intermediaries. Founded and managed by a Top Tier team of industry professionals with decades of international business experience, Asset Match provides a full-spectrum solution for a range of clients. For Shareholders the platform enables them to unlock the liquidity of their existing shares in private companies. Companies can use Asset Match to obtain market valuations of their shares or raise IPO capital at a fraction of the usual cost and time. Investors are able to secure invest- ment in selected companies which other- wise would not be available. In addition, Intermediaries are able to participate in all of these processes either directly or on behalf of their existing clients or client companies. Asset Match estimates that there is over £300bn of equity locked up in private UK companies. These are typically high growth mid-cap companies that are key to the UK’s future but are not readily accessible to investors, are not well-covered in investment commentaries and are largely over-looked by the financial media. AM Private Market removes the obstacles that have hindered access to this important asset class and improves liquidity to the benefit of the company, its shareholders and new investors. The technology is the first comprehensive electronic platform in the UK for buying and selling shares in established private companies. Interested buyers and sellers participate in periodic auctions to collate expressions of interest. Participants are then matched at a single mar- ket-derived price. By centralising liquidity in the shares of growing and profitable private companies, AM Private Market provides a “shop window” for inves- tors to participate in an asset class that has historically been difficult to access. In recent years alternative financing options such as crowdfunding have made it easier for private investors to invest in firms, however these in- vestors may not know how to exit from these investments. Asset Match aims to make the process of selling shares easier and quicker, acting as a time efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional liquidity options, enabling both those looking to sell shares to proactively engage with the buying market. The process of both buying and selling is user friendly and unique compared to many other platforms in the market. Shares that trade on AM Private Market do so via periodic auctions rather than continuous trading. Periodic auctions are normally daily, weekly, monthly or quarter- ly. This approach addresses the historically disparate liquidity of private company shares and focuses the liquidity into regular, discrete points in time that allows buyers and sellers to meet in a more efficient way. Each company that gains admission to AM Private Market will have a pre-determined auction calendar and market type that best reflects the needs of the company and its shareholders. As liquidity is established the company may choose to amend its auction calendar and market type. All auctions on AM Private Market are conducted within a defined regulatory framework and operate under a Code of Practice which gov- erns the behaviour of participants. The market is overseen at all times by Asset Match which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority The future looks bright for this innovative and disruptive platform, as interest continues to grow. Crowdfunding shows no sign of slowing in popularity, and as such the firm are keen to tap into the market for investors looking to offload shares purchased via this financing strategy. AI16085