Alternative Investment Awards 2016 31 Best Real Estate & Infrastructure FoF Manager – Europe Deutsche Finance Group is an international investment manager specializing in institutional Private Market Investments in real estate, private equity real estate and infrastructure. Managing Partner Symon Godl provides us with a fascinating insight into the company and the sector in which it invests. Company: Deutsche Finance Group Name: Symon Godl/Managing Partner Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Ridlerstrasse 33, D-80339 München, Germany Telephone: +49896495630 In a world of zero interest rate policy, for an individual or an institutional investor such as an insurance group, pension fund or an endowment, it is getting increasingly difficult to create an attractive investment perfor- mance. For many investors bonds and equities may not be sufficient to reach their individual goals. Therefore, the discussion about an increase of the alternative investment portfolio is ongoing in this sectors. For many other investors adding alternatives is part of their overall invest- ment strategy of diversification, and they simply want to add alternative asset classes to their portfolio. Others may have different reasons to in- vest in this sector but all of them need to decide which of the alternative asset classes can help to reach their goals. Real estate and infrastructure have been the most popular asset classes in the couple of last years in the alternative investment space. Investors who are not able or willing to invest directly in real estate or infrastructure, or want to have better diversification may be better off choosing “Private Equity Real Estate (PERE) or Private Equity Infrastructure”, which ideally combines the benefits of real estate/infrastructure with a private equity approach or may choose a fund of funds which offers the best diversification available. When the partners of Deutsche Finance Group started their business 10 years ago, their vision was to establish an investment company offering alternative investment products for private clients and institutional clients which was different to the existing competitors. But the target was not only to be different, it was to be much more diversified, long term oriented, actively managed, more transparent and to deliver higher performance based on risk adjusted returns. Today, with a team of more than 50 people Deutsche Finance Group manages 10 indirect alternative investment vehicles for private individ- uals and institutional investors. With a personal investment track record of more than 4bn USD and nearly 200 indirect private equity real estate and infrastructure investment strategies in more than 30 countries globally, Deutsche Finance team is one of the most active European private market investors and has the most experienced teams in the international fund selection and co-investment arena. The focus of all investment strategies is on indirect private equity real estate and infra- structure investments with entrepreneurial local managers and a high dedication to create value and being fully aligned with investors. The group is an integrated investment company working every day for the success of their clients. Being regulated with a licensed investment manager and a licensed distribution company and having all important resources in-house, Deutsche Finance is able to maintain the full lifecy- cle of a product from the beginning until the liquidation of a fund. Deutsche Finance Funds offer investors diversified access to institutional PERE and infrastructure strategies to delivering long-time superior invest- ment performance, broad diversification, excellent manager allocation and ongoing risk management capabilities. Deutsche Finance Group is an investment company offering all types of clients tailor-made products with an excellent investment team and a well implemented investment process. Every target investment is handpicked, with a thorough due diligence pro- cess and serious negotiations to have a fully aligned investment manager. Deutsche Finance has access to the best in class managers in the PERE and infrastructure business. All of them are best positioned, well focused specialists for certain markets and sectors with proven track record of success over a long period. They all help us to capitalize on the extraordi- nary opportunities in the global PERE and infrastructure landscape. Private individuals for example are serviced with structured fund of funds (Deutsche Finance Private Funds). In this area Deutsche Finance offers two main product series. Both products are in the market already for many years and more than 18.000 clients committed in these funds. The product range for professional and institutional investors is very in- dividual. With regards to certain needs and restrictions of any individual investors Deutsche Finance is able to structure a tailor-made fund of funds strategy for a PERE and/or infrastructure portfolio. A broad diver- sification focus can also be on emerging managers, emerging markets, distress assets or even on a regional or sector focus. Additional services can be added as per request of the investor. In the past, the team has been awarded with 5 IPE Real Estate awards for innovation and the best investment strategy. Recently the company has been awarded with the fund awards 2015 as “Best for individual indirect investment portfolios in real assets” and 2016 as “Best Real Estate & Infrastructure Fund of Funds Manager – Europe”. We are very pleased to receive acknowledged with this alternative invest- ment award now. It is an honour for us but also the proof that our funds are not only a niche product. It is the proof that our alternative investment product and strategy is being recognized by professionals as an interesting alternative or addition when building up an investment portfolio. It is our vision to create the best investment platform for indirect investments in pri- vate equity real estate and infrastructure in the industry. We are inspired by the trust of our clients and partners and the everyday passion of our team. AI16012