Alternative Investment Awards 2016 35 Best Alternative Investment Consultants – USA & Award for Innovation in Buy-Side Investment Management Systems InvestTech Systems Consulting (InvestTech) provides business and technology consulting for buy-side Global Investment Managers with a specialized practice in the alternative investment sector. We invited Pam Bloom, practice lead to tell us more. Established in 1993, InvestTech is the leading buy-side investment industry consulting firm specializing in strategic design, operational re- view, investment systems selection and implementation, and enterprise data management. The firm works with a wide variety of traditional asset management clients such as mutual fund managers, insurance compa- nies and investment advisors, and has a strong history working within the alternative investment market. Pam Bloom, Managing Director of the firm’s alternative investments practice, outlines InvestTech’s vast service offering. “At InvestTech, we are able to support our clients by consulting on all aspects of their investment systems strategies; conducting operational reviews, evaluating the market, and managing peer reviews. We offer all of these services in succession, or we can help direct a specific stage of the process, depending on the clients’ needs. We will ‘right-size’ any engagement that we believe we are qualified to service.” “Another key aspect of our work is leading the evaluation of front, middle and back office technologies for our clients. A major trend we are seeing in the industry is the move toward outsourcing, and through our vast network of associates in the industry, we are able to support our clients in selecting the service provider that is right for them. InvestTech is entirely independent, and therefore able to recommend the solution that best fits their needs.” InvestTech provides these services to a wide range of asset managers across the financial industry, and has a dedicated division specializing in supporting alternative investors, including GP’s, LP’s, insurance, government and pensions. “InvestTech has a long history in the alter- native investment space, and a strong network of clients and industry partners. Our founders’ experience in private equity and distressed credit markets led to providing our professional services to large alterna- tive investments firms, boutique multi-strategy asset managers (BDC’s, hedge funds, SMA’s, closed-end funds), and large asset managers with alternative strategies.” InvestTech’s alternative investment practice is comprised exclusively of experts in the alternative space, ensuring that clients gain the benefit of their deep level of expertise in the Alts market. Pam explains how this is a key factor which sets InvestTech apart from its competitors. “Unlike other firms offering consulting services, our clients benefit from our collective years’ work in the alternative investment space. Our consultants were either employed by investment managers or vendors prior to joining InvestTech, so our clients benefit from their depth of knowledge and hands-on experience.” Moving forward, Pam believes the market is evolving; with new vendors entering the Alts space and mature vendors and service providers add- ing AI asset class functionality to their products and offerings. Not only is this exciting for InvestTech, but great for clients to have more options. “Recently InvestTech has expanded into data management for private equity, hedge funds, direct and indirect investments, credit, derivative, and investor domains. Additionally, we provide recommendations for best of breed solutions for mortgages, syndicated loans and commer- cial, direct lending products, as these are all key growth drivers for the industry.” “We are noticing larger institutional investors allocating more capital towards alternative investment strategies, which could provide potential for future expansion. This sector is currently experiencing some of the most significant returns in the financial industry, and we are excited to partner with and support these clients as they increase their asset allocation in this market.” To discuss your investment technology and operations challenges with Pam or another InvestTech expert, contact us at 877.599.6077 or [email protected] AI16076