Alternative Investment Awards 2016 43 Penica and Associates Company: Ameriprise Financial/ Penica and Associates Website: AI16074 Ameriprise Financial Ameriprise Financial franchise, is among America’s leading financial planning firms, and has incor- porated Penica and Associates to add value to its services. We invited Jay Penica to provide us with a unique insight into the collaboration and how it is benefiting investors. As a financial leader with over 120 years in business, Ameriprise Finan- cial has more than $800 billion in assets under management and more financial planning clients than any other firm. Integrity has been the core value of the company since its inception in 1894. With a seemingly endless choice of financial institutions to back Penica and Associates, Ameriprise Financial was chosen because of the firm’s steadfast commitment to always put the clients’ needs first. Jay Penica, Senior Private Wealth Advisor and Leader of the team at Penica and Associates, explains how his firm came to be incorporated by Ameriprise Financial and the benefits this provides to both the firms involved and their clients. “A firm is nothing if it cannot fulfill its promises and financial commit- ments, and Ameriprise Financial prides itself on honoring every financial commitment and never receiving a bailout through the firm’s 120 years in existence. By aligning Penica and Associates with Ameriprise Finan- cial, we can offer extensive experience with an established network of expert resources. “As an Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisor, Penica and Associates has extensive experience helping affluent clients with their goals to preserve and grow their assets. We remain among the most qualified and creden- tialed advisors in the firm with an unprecedented team to support our clients.” Jay has organically grown the firm almost exclusively through client referrals. This has enabled Jay to interact with individuals and families that share similar passions and values. Jay outlines how this approach ensure that the firm offer clients the very best service, and how, by drawing on their collective knowledge and experience, he and his team are able to ensure that investors’ ever evolving needs are met. “Previously within the financial market, high income earning individuals and families were excluded from being able to actively participate in a Roth IRA. With recent tax law changes, there are now certain instances that allow an affluent client to indirectly contribute to a Roth IRA. We can help our clients identify and implement a strategy to take advantage of the recent changes. “Ultimately we can help clients achieve their version of financial success through many different strategies. This allows the client the confidence to pick the strategy that they are most comfortable with and best suits their individual or family needs. Our knowledge and expertise, backed by the financial strength of Ameriprise Financial, affords us the chance to help our clients identify financial opportunities and pitfalls.” Best Private Wealth Advisor - Pennsylvania