Alternative Investment Awards 2016

awards alternative investment wealth & finance2016 50 Investment Services Company: Cornerstone Investment Services Name: John Riley, AIF Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 245 Waterman St, Ste 301 Telephone: 401-453-5550 (972-563-8990) AI16079 Cornerstone Founded in 1999, Cornerstone Investment Services is an investment firm providing a wide range of services and investment solutions. We invited John Riley Founder and Chief Investment Strategist, to provide us with a unique overview of the company. Cornerstone provides a variety of risk managed investment portfolios for IRAs, non-IRA accounts and trusts, as well as offering financial, retirement and estate planning. For pensions and 401ks, we also offer assistance with ERISA compliance. This range of services is provided to clients from all walks of life, in- cluding professionals, business owners, middle class families, retirees, trusts, pensions- basically anyone that is looking for long term risk managed strategies for their money. What makes us unique is that I am a Registered Research Analyst. Money management firms usually rely on outside research, whereas we have one inside the company, and although we have subscriptions to many services, we do not have to rely on other people’s research. We do not have to wait to see if the analyst at an outside firm has changed his opinion on a stock we follow, enabling us to act quicker than our competitors. Flexibility and speed is important in our market, and we pride ourselves on offering clients the best of both worlds, being both small and large at the same time. We are a boutique money manager providing a person- alized service to our clients, at a time when many others are automat- ing their services. We are small enough to stay flexible in a changing environment, but some of the largest financial institutions in the world act as custodians of our clients’ investments, providing an additional level of security. Ultimately, here at Cornerstone we are true risk managers. We do not rely on just broad diversification to manage our risk, but instead utilize proactive strategies that include shifting asset allocations, negatively correlated asset classes, and strategic and tactical trading. We have several portfolio options from a model portfolio, to our global strategic trends portfolio to a tactical strategy. Best Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager - Rhode Island & Most Innovative Emerging Market Growth Strategy: The Global Strategic Trends Portfolio