Alternative Investment Awards 2016

awards alternative investment wealth & finance2016 52 Company: Drooms Address: Eschersheimer Landstr. 6 60322 Frankfurt, Germany Website: Phone: +49 69 478 640 285 Fax: +49 69 478 640 1 AI16002 Drooms Drooms is the leading provider of secure cloud solutions in Europe. The specialized software facilitates highly secure access to confidential documents, as well as the ability to exchange them safely with third parties beyond company firewalls. We profile the firm, which has just been named ‘Best Secure Virtual Data Room Provider – Europe & Most Innovative Asset Management & Due Diligence Products’. Drooms allows for the transparent, efficient and secure management of confidential business processes such as mergers and acquisitions, commercial real estate sales, mergers and acquisitions, NPL transac- tions and board communications. Drooms’ clients include the world’s leading corporations, real estate companies and consulting and law firms such as Metro Group, Evonik, Morgan Stanley, JLL, JP Morgan, CBRE, UBS and Rewe. In 2015, Drooms not only accompanied the largest real estate transaction in Germany, it also accompanied nine out of the 15 largest transactions in the country. In 2001, Drooms began creating physical data rooms for M&A trans- actions. In a few years, by creating Drooms secure virtual data room solution, the company became a tech pioneer in the digitization of the European transaction industry. Understanding the evolution of the market before it happens and developing outstanding technological solutions has been at the core of the company’s focus. Nearly 100 employees across Europe represent the company’s values, convincing transaction professionals in all sectors to use Drooms to better manage due diligence. Drooms accompanies customers through the transaction journey, starting from the sourcing and scanning of documents through post-closing phase. Customers such as UBS trust Drooms for managing their documentation. M&A transactions require the prior collection of thousands of docu- ments. Drooms sourcing and customer service departments take care of this process and will expeditiously setup a complete data room. Drooms has on-staff experts who will advise on the structure of the data room index and control that the important documentation is available. The incorrect setup of a data room, where important documents might be missing, are often responsible for transactions to cause delays in closing the transaction and end of costing more. On the vendor side, it is crucial to have all documents at hand to guarantee a fair evaluation of the asset. For the potential buyers, it is crucial to work with an efficient tool in order to be able to easily assess the value of the asset. Drooms data room allows for a seamless organisation of the transaction documentation, as well as for quick upload of documents in the data room. Even documents containing thousands of pages can be uploaded instantaneously and can be very quickly visualised. To this extent, speed allows all the parties involved in the transaction to work efficiently. In addition, users can access the data room without being bound to company premises. This is especially important to the ever-growing cross-border transaction market, which involves professionals working together from remote locations across the globe. Best Secure Virtual Data Room Provider - Europe & Most Innovative Asset Management & Due Diligence Products