Alternative Investment Awards 2016 55 Fund Distribution Company: EY Luxembourg Name: Laurent Denayer, Partner, Global Fund Distribution Leader Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: BP 780, L2017 Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG Phone: +352 42 124 8340 AI16096 EY Global EY Global Fund Distribution (EY GFD) is a global online solution developed by EY that aims at supporting asset managers from all around the world in their fund distribution activities. Laurent Denayer, who leads the team, talks us through this innovative services it provides. EY GFD works at the source of the product development and distribu- tion strategies decision making process, showing and analysing inves- tors’ appetite for investment strategies, understanding funds’ selection criteria and sales/marketing practices from distributors. Laurent explains how the firm aims to provide these cutting edge services to all clients in order to meet their needs. “Our services are of interest for all market players, from investment funds managers, to distributors, including asset servicers as we under- stand they have various needs and challenges to cope with. We also have a flexible approach enabling us to adapt to client size and growth strategies, including ad-hoc advisory and subscription based services.” “Further, our scope of services focuses on the entire value chain of fund distribution activities which makes our solution fully integrated. We offer our clients support at each step of their fund distribution, from distribu- tion strategy design, market trends assessment, regulatory intelligence, market practices, fund product definition/funds range optimization, reg- istration and maintenance, distributors’ relationship management and financial/tax reporting preparation. We also offer due diligence services on distributors.” “EY GFD analysis can be accessed on a web platform that includes a proprietary business intelligence solution enabling to understand the fund industry flows and assets per country of distribution. The tool is designed to perform market profiling and benchmarking along with competitors’ analysis.” Working in such a dynamic industry, Laurent adds that the firm is keen to continue to innovate in order to provide clients with the best possible service. “Our objective moving forward is to improve the working process divid- ed between research, analysis and decision making phases to allocate most of the time to the latter and empower our client with high quality information.” Best for Global Fund Distribution Services 2016