Alternative Investment Awards 2016 57 Integration, Inc. Company: Eze Castle Integration, Inc. Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 260 Franklin Street, 12th Floor, Boston, MA 02110 Telephone: 617-217-3000 AI16078 Eze Castle Eze Castle Integration is the leading provider of strategic IT solutions and private cloud services to hedge funds and alternative investment management firms worldwide. We invited Katie Sloane, Senior Marketing Specialist, to tell us more. For the better part of two decades, Eze Castle Integration has pushed the envelope for IT innovation and rebuffed the status quo. Since its launch in 2006 as a disaster recovery platform, the Eze Private Cloud has evolved into the highest performing, most secure cloud platform available and industry standard for financial cloud computing world- wide. We have successfully built a world-class reputation based upon our customer-centric approach, tailored solutions for the financial sector and team of more than 370 IT experts. The firm’s global presence spans eight offices in the United States, as well as locations in London, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our devoted team services more than 650 firms worldwide, including more than 100 firms with $1 billion or more in assets under management. From start- ups, to small and large established firms, Eze Castle Integration listens and caters to every client’s needs to ensure their businesses continue to flourish and IT infrastructures remain secure, resilient, available and robust. Additionally, our services extend beyond technology, connectivity, infrastructure and security. It is also the company’s mission to be a thought leader and trusted resource in the eyes of the financial sector on a global scale. The company provides an array of educational resources on our corporate website to reach not only our clients, but also the alternative investment industry as a whole. For example, we have an assortment of Knowledge Centers ( ) designed to educate firms on a wide range of topics, including cybersecurity, suc- cessfully launching a hedge fund, business resiliency and cloud com- puting. We also publish articles twice per week on our Hedge IT Blog on a variety of hedge fund technology and operational topics. Alongside this vast array of supplementary services, Eze Castle also hosts webinars and live events regularly to keep alternative management professionals informed and ahead of the IT and regulatory curves. At Eze Castle Integration, we are excited about the future of the global investment industry. Moving forward, the exponential progression of technology and market shifts offer infinite opportunity for innovation and growth, and we look forward to taking advantage of these. Award for Innovation in Hedge Fund Technology