Alternative Investment Awards 2016 65 Advisors Inc. Company: Laureola Advisors Inc. Name: Tony Bremness Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 20 De Castro Street, Road Town, BVI AI16094 Laureola Laureola Advisors is a specialist asset manager focused on Life Settlements. We invited Co-Founder Tony Bremness to provide us with an insight into the company and its award winning fund. Laureola Advisors provide bespoke longevity investment solutions to investors seeking uncorrelated returns, striving for strong performance through original thinking and first-hand research. Tony outlines the firm’s history and the clients it supports. “Laureola Advisors was formed by my Partner Chris Erwin and me in 2012 to take advantage of the exceptional opportunities in the niche asset class of Life Settlements. We work with most types of clients: our award winning Laureola Fund has been designed for HNW and smaller Family Offices; for larger clients we offer a separate Managed Account Service.” Life Settlements are the purchase of Life Insurance contracts by investors on the secondary market in the USA. They currently trade at Internal Rates of Return (IRR) of 12% to 15% on average, but there is a significant range of IRR’s from 10% to over 30%. However, the highest yielding assets are not available to all investors, and having privileged access to this deal flow is critical. It is a major competitive advantage at Laureola, as Tony outlines. “The Laureola Fund offers strong, consistent returns which are well loved by investors, but the most important feature of Life Settlements is their non-correlation with traditional investments and Hedge Funds. Life Settlement investors will make money when others cannot. “Beside using proprietary techniques to review and value each asset prior to purchase, we manage risk within the fund using all the tradi- tional tools as well: diversification at multiple levels, conservative pricing and valuation, careful cash management. “The Fund structure also offers above average protection for investors. The Fund has world class service providers for audit (Deloitte), Fund Administration and NAV calculation (Apex), custody (Bank of Utah Trust Division – a Life Settlement Custody specialist), and Lewis & Ellis is the consulting actuary. “Primarily, we designed the fund for HNW investors but the fund struc- ture is of institutional quality.” Looking ahead, Tony was keen to stress that managed growth was a key focus, both for the fund and the firm itself. “The future looks bright for Life Settlements in general, and for the Lau- reola Fund in particular. Interest is growing in the asset class as inves- tors grow more and more concerned about the future performance of equities, bonds, Real Estate, Hedge Funds, etc. The Fund has passed the strictest institutional and valuation due diligence, and has attracted several institutional clients recently, with more registering interest. The Fund has always been and remains popular with Private Investors.” Best Secondary Life Insurance Asset Manager & Best Life Settlement Investment Fund (Since Inception): Laureola Investment Fund