Alternative Investment Awards 2016 75 Capital Ltd. Company: Portas Capital Ltd. Name: Beat Kunz Web Address: Address: Portas Capital Ltd., Kreuzstrasse 82, 8032 Zurich, Switzerland Telephone: +41 44 740 34 22 AI16027 Portas Portas Capital is an investment advisor and asset manager based in Switzerland. Beat Kunz talks us through the firm and the services it provides. Portas Capital are multi-family office and independent wealth manager with domiciles in Zurich, Switzerland. Our clients are predominantly wealthy families, private individuals, pension funds and endowments. Our hedge fund portfolios invest in funds and construct portfolios only through managed accounts. With the help of portfolio simulations as well as a top-down view by us and the bottom-up risk/return expectation of our client, we tailor-made the various hedge fund portfolios. Additionally, we apply quantitative tools to manage/reduce the risk of the portfolio. Within the private equity investment sector, we select funds which are focused on mid & small cap companies in Europe as we believe in the private sector growing despite all general concerns about Europe. Alongside this, we carefully invest in companies in specific sectors together with our clients. As a mid-size wealth manager we are fast in developing and implement- ing new innovative investment strategies. Additionally, we can provide competence and access to various frontier markets through partner- ships for example, depending on the asset class, which sets us apart from our competitors. Moving forward, we are expanding our client relationship management team in order to better support our clients. In addition we continue to improve our investment process and selection skills in general. Our portfolio management and analysts’ team are exploring new investment strategies and broadening the universe of markets to be invested in. Geographically, we will expand via the opening of local offices, whilst ensuring that we still offer the same quality services to our clients. Best Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager – Switzerland & Award for Innovation in Tailor-Made Private Equity Portfolios