Alternative Investment Awards 2016 77 Management AB Company: QQM Fund Management AB Name: Andreas Julin / Head of Investor Relations Email: [email protected] Address: Kungsgatan 44 Telephone: +46 8 407 50 54 AI16052 QQM Fund QQM Fund Management is a fund management firm based in Sweden. We invited Head of Investor Relations Andreas Julin to talk us through the firm’s history and how this contributes to its investment strategy. Established in 2010 by Ola Björkmo and Jonas Sandefeldt who created QQM Fund Management from the remains of another fund manage- ment firm. Ola and Jonas got to know each other at Öhman Kapitalför- valtning where they both worked between 2006 and 2009. Prior to this Ola was one of the founders and portfolio managers of the hedge fund Manticore at Brummer and Partner. Beside working as Portfolio manager and analyst at Öhman, Jonas has had positions as quantitative analyst at the First, Second and Third AP fund, Brummer and Partner. QQM Equity Hedge fund pursues a systematic Equity Market neutral strategy. Quantitative models are used to screen a large European investment universe and to rank stocks on specific criteria’s, earnings momentum being one of them. As such the firm is heavily founded on vast experience across the finan- cial landscape. Our investment models are based on behaviour finance principles and are supported by documented academic research and economic principles. These studies have shown that market partici- pants often make mistakes because of cognitive and emotional biases resulting in the mispricing of assets. There are several drivers behind mispricing one of them being that investors often fail to absorb new information quick enough and tend to undershoot on positive company earning signals. Vice versa, market participants tend to continue to hold on to stocks that presents negative earnings data. Why these biases ex- ist are hard to say, but our model attempts to identify and exploit these behaviour fallacies by creating a well-diversified portfolio of long and short candidates. The portfolio has pre-defined volatility target and a beta close to zero. The investment process is disciplined and we never aim to time the market. Another unique feature of our strategy is that all investments are subject to ethical and norm-based screening by ISS Ethix. Very few hedge funds encompass an ESG component making QQM Equity Hedge attractive for investors with ESG and SRI guidelines in their investment policies. Moving forward, our Primary focus is to continue to deliver our investors best possible risk adjusted return. In order to meet investor demand for a EUR and USD share class the fund was just recently converted from an AIF to a Master feeder structure. The Master Feeder structure offers us greater flexibility and it will be easier to facilitate future client needs. As we have received requests for our strategy in the UCITS wrapper, setting up replica with a more generous liquidity profile is something we are evaluating and we look forward to the opportunities the future has in store for us. Best Systematic Equity Market Neutral Fund (5 Years): QQM Equity Hedge & Best Independent Fund Manager - Sweden