Alternative Investment Awards 2016

awards alternative investment wealth & finance2016 8 forms. This has been a major issue for advisors allocating to non-tradi- tional bond funds as they expect all of their bond funds to hold up and provide diversification when the stock market is underperforming and most non-traditional bond funds have not done this due to the equity like risk (HY bonds etc.) they have in the portfolio. “ASFNX has the ability to outperform in both rising rate and negative equity market environments as it actively manages the credit risk or HY bond exposure and has a treasury model that diversifies the portfolio, providing a potential source of positive returns during negative equity and HY Bond market environments. The returns it has had over the last few years have helped to back up these statements, while most non-traditional bond funds have struggled ASFNX has outperformed. At the end of the 1st quarter, the ASFNX was outperforming 99% of the funds in the non-traditional bond category and 89% of all the U.S. fixed income products (mutual funds) over the last two years.” Alongside ASFNX, the firm also offer a range of additional funds, all of which, Joseph asserts, take an approach to risk management unheard of in the wider investment market. “Here at Arrow Funds, we also offer a range of additional investment solutions beyond ASFNX, including: Arrow DWA Balanced Fund, Arrow DWA Tactical Fund, Arrow Managed Futures Strategy Fund and Arrow Commodity Strategy Fund. All of these mutual funds have an alternative investment element that differentiates them from their peers within each respective fund category. Our DWA funds, for instance, use the technical analysis expertise of Dorsey Wright & Associates to provide investment strategies based on relative strength and momentum. Both of these mutual funds are designed to adapt to changing market conditions. In our managed futures fund, we offer first-time mutual fund access to CTA legend DUNN Capital Management. Our Commodity Fund is unique in its approach through the use of long-dated futures contracts to provide broad-based commodities exposure. “In addition, we also offer three exchange traded funds (ETFs): The Arrow Dow Jones Global Yield ETF (GYLD), the Arrow DWA Tactical ETF (DWAT) and the Arrow QVM Equity Factor ETF (QVM). GYLD provides a global, multi-asset approach to yield that includes exposure to alterna- tives like Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Similarly, to Arrow’s DWA mutual funds, the Arrow DWA Tactical ETF leverages Dorsey Wright’s proprietary relative strength momentum models to select its holdings. Meanwhile, QVM offers a Tri-factor™ approach to equity investing that entails selecting those securities that simultaneously demonstrate strong quality, value and momentum metrics. The methodology behind the QVM tapped into the expertise and experience of Ford Equity Research. Ford Equity has over 40 years of proprietary research on equity factors.