Alternative Investment Awards 2016

awards alternative investment wealth & finance2016 86 Value Fund LP Company: Synchrony Value Fund LP Website: Phone: 857-265-6753 AI16030 Synchrony Synchrony Capital is a boutique investment management firm which offers the Synchrony Value Fund, a multi strategy fund offering unparalleled returns. We caught up with Founding Partner and Portfolio Manager Eric Lyons and Partner Michael Robinson to find out more about this innovative fund and its investment strategy. Launched in 2012, the Synchrony Value Fund is dedicated to provid- ing our investors with strong, risk adjusted returns. Our overall aim is to beat the stock markets and double our investors’ returns every five years. In order to achieve this ambitious target, we operate a dual armed strat- egy, one focused on options and the other in the futures market. These two strategies are completely uncorrelated despite investing in the same asset classes, ensuring that clients’ investments are not exposed to un- necessary market risk. We are highly sensitive to changes in the market and have offices based in both Massachusetts and Virginia, providing us with two key locations which are both close to major financial hubs. Our innovative strategy, alongside the flexibility we achieve by being a small company, has enabled us to provide returns which have been far superior to our competitors’ in recent years. In 2015 we provided clients with 42% return on investment, and 2016 looks set to be even more as successful, with our current return standing at 29%. Currently the clients we serve are predominantly single investors and high net worth individuals, but our repeated success has gained the attention of the institutional investment market, family offices, and financial institutions. We will continue to focus on the core strategies which have made the firm successful, as well as cultivating our attention on neuro-economics: the study of investor physiology and how sentiment affects investors’ decisions. Our CEO Paul Lyons, MD, PhD, has researched topics such as this for many years and it is fascinating to incorporate these ideas into our work. Best Multi-Strategy Investment Management Boutique 2016 – USA & Best Option Strategies/Managed Futures Fund: Synchrony Value Fund