Alternative Investment Awards 2017 15 AI170033 Westside Wealth Management of Raymond James (WWM of RJ) is a team operating within Raymond James, offering the extensive reach and resources of its parent firm and uses its client centric research to focus efforts on a unique perspective in portfolio management. We spoke to Seth Radow to find out more. Supporting a vast array of clients including individual, high net worth individual and institutions that all desire the highest levels of fiduciary prudence in asset management for their investable assets and financial planning, WWM of RJ has to work hard to ensure that they receive the very highest standard of service and great returns on investment, as Seth explains. “At WWM of RJ, all of our investment models and due diligence starts with bottom up fundamental research and from there apply a global macro overlay with a thematic convergence. All of our models target a specific range for standard deviations, noting that this is achieved with a wide array of capital allocations to ensure that our risk metrics are maintained. “The key to our process is what we call our “four legged stool” ap- proach; Equities, Fixed Income, Real Assets and Alternatives comprise the four legs of our stool and are all used as tools within our models to achieve our objectives. To ensure that clients receive strong returns our risk management is achieved through a deep understanding of correlation analysis. It is important for our team to note when correla- tions between the asset classes we use move higher, so that we can seek diversification from those correlations to maintain prudent levels of correlative risk within our portfolios. “Overall, at Raymond James there is a fundamental belief that our clients must come first. Because of this belief, Raymond James is constantly updating and improving the client experience through our technology interface with the desire to make this as efficient and satis- fying as possible. Importantly, Raymond James is continually seeking feedback from clients and advisors as the firm strives to remain a technology leader in our industry. Investor relations and communication is a part of our client experience and is based upon an understanding that routine meetings with each and every client are important to ensure expectations are being met and to stay ahead of developments that can impact client’s lives.” What truly sets the firm apart from its competitors is its dedication to excellence and history of providing superior service, leveraging its expertise to offer clients solutions they cannot find elsewhere, as Seth is eager to emphasise. “It is our vast history and experience with fiduciary level work on behalf of our clients, our persistent research efforts, our understanding of risk management and implementation of our approach that sets our organi- zation apart. It is important to note that Raymond James was founded by investment advisors for investment advisors to best serve their clients. Unlike our largest competitors, we were not an investment bank that built a sales force to sell investment products to their clients. That is a rather significant difference and it is that culture that permeates all that we do at WWM of RJ.” Moving forward, remaining at the forefront of the latest market devel- opments will be crucial for the firm to ensure that it continues to offer clients a superior level of service. Seth concludes by outlining the trends his firm foresees and how it will work to adapt around them. “Looking to the future, WWM of RJ believes that the fiduciary standard creates a unique opportunity for the best of the best in our industry. It is our belief that only a few in our industry can and will be able to meet that standard. A true fiduciary standard requires a level of understand- ing far beyond that of a traditional industry salesperson. The partners of WWM of RJ have met the highest fiduciary standards for a very long time and will continue to do so as we look towards an exciting future. “Ultimately, the team members of WWM of RJ strive to work diligently at refining our process to ensure we stay at the forefront of issues that matter to clients, issues pertinent to the management of client portfoli- os, and of this ever changing industry.” Best for Diversified Liquid Alternatives 2017 - USA