Alternative Investment Awards 2017

18 Wealth & Finance International - Alternative Investment Awards 2017 Management Company Company: Carlisle Management Company Contact: Jose C. Garcia Email: [email protected] Address: 9 Rue Sainte Zithe, 1st Floor, Luxembourg City, L-2763, Luxembourg Phone: +35226845359 Website: AI170002 Carlisle Carlisle Management Company SCA is a full-service, regulated investment management firm that specializes in alternative asset classes and has depth in life settlements. We profile the firm to explore the secrets behind its success. Carlisle is based in Luxembourg, where it established its headquarters and fund domicile to take advantage of the country’s stringent and well-regulated financial systems in the alternative asset space. The firm emphasizes a comprehensive full-service management approach, and thus it performs a wide range of tasks over the entire life cycle of its investment vehicles. The firm’s dedicated team is comprised of accom- plished senior executives who collectively bring more than six decades of investment experience across multiple industry sectors to the man- agement of the firm’s investment products and strategy. Carlisle has experienced exponential growth since its inception, and has garnered a reputation as a pioneer and market leader for investment solutions in the life settlements space. To ensure the very highest standards for its clients, the firm’s strategy involves delivering a razor-sharp focus on the asset classes in which it invests, and the application of this focus on life settlements has been a significant factor in its success. After years of assisting institutional clients in the development, structuring, and management of captive investment vehicles, Carlisle’s principals realized that the lack of viable investment products in the space afforded them an excellent opportuni- ty to fill the void for this minimally correlated asset class. From this realization was born their flagship investment vehicle, the Luxembourg Life Fund FCP SIF: Long Term Growth Fund. In the years since that fund’s introduction, the life settlement industry has grown at a phenomenal rate and Carlisle has been well positioned to help its inves- tors take full advantage of these gains through its unwavering attention and expertise across all areas of the industry. Significant emphasis is placed on designing investment products that meet the demanding needs of its diverse and discerning investor base consisting of institutional investors, financial intermediaries, and high net worth individuals. Carlisle also works to ensure their products are tax-optimized, have strong yet efficient organizational structures, and include all necessary regulatory oversight. Overall, it is through the firm’s strategic initiatives, exclusive focus on life settlements, and its dedication to designing investor-friendly, innova- tive, and robust investment vehicles that Carlisle has positioned itself to remain a market leader in the life settlements investment market for many years to come. Best Life Insurance Fund (Since Inception): Long Term Growth Fund FCP SIF & Best Diversified Investment Management Firm - Luxembourg