Alternative Investment Awards 2017 3 4 Adar Capital Partners Ltd Best Performing Macro Strategy Fund (1 year) 6 Third Friday Group, LLC Most Innovative Hedge Fund Manager 2017 - USA & Best US Option Strategies Fund (5 years): The Third Friday Total Return Fund, L.P. 8 Castle Hall Alternatives Best Global Operational Due Diligence Firm 2017 & Best Alternative Investment Diligence Platform: DueDiligenceProfessional 10 iCapital Network Best Outsourced Alternative Investment Platform 2017 12 Tmesis Capital Management Best Hedge Fund Management Firm 2017 - Asia & Best Multi-Dimension Quantitative Fund (Since Inception): Tmesis Capital Management Fund 14 Westside Wealth Management of Raymond James Best for Diversified Liquid Alternatives 2017 - USA 16 Laureola Advisors Top Performing Hedge Fund Manager 2017: Laureola Advisors Inc. & Most Consistent Long-Term Performing Fund: Laureola Investment Fund 18 Carlisle Management Company Best Life Insurance Fund (Since Inception): Long Term Growth Fund FCP SIF & Best Diversified Investment Management Firm - Luxembourg 19 S.E.A. Asset Management Best Boutique Fund Manager - Singapore & Best Asia Pacific Focused Fixed-Income Fund (1 Year): S.E.A. Asian High Yield Bond Fund B 20 Zentrum Capital Advisors Limited Best Fund Management Firm - Hong Kong & Best Asia Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund (Since Inception): Zentrum Asia Opportunity Fund Segregated Portfolio 21 Cane Island Alternative Advisors, LLC Best Overall Global Macro Strategy: Cane Island Global Macro 22 Banque Pâris Bertrand Sturdza Best Active Investment Manager - Switzerland 23 Centaur Ventures Ltd Award for Excellence in Venture Capital Investments- MENA 24 International Financial Data Services Limited Best Global Investor & Policyholder Administration Service Provider 2017 25 John Fogwell & Associates Best for International Trade Financing Services - Africa 26 Waha Capital Best Open-Ended Fund Manager - UAE & Best Absolute Return Fund (Since Inception): Waha CEEMEA Fixed Income Fund 27 Stats Investment Management Co., Ltd. Best Long/Short Hedge Fund Manager - Japan & Best Japan Equity Long/Short Fund (Since Inception): GSS Fund 28 Runestone Capital Best Absolute Return Fund (Since Inception): Runestone Capital Fund 29 Catana Capital Best Quantitative Asset Manager 2017 - Germany & Best Public AIF (5 Years): Catana Big Data 30 PCS SA (Professional Computer Services SA) Best Fund Management Solutions Provider - Greece 31 Jordan, Knauff & Company Middle-Market Investment Bank of the Year - USA & Recognised Leaders in PE Transactions - USA 32 Notz Stucki & Cie SA Best Alternative Investment Manager 2017 - Switzerland & Award for Excellence in Fund Engineering 2017 33 Ruby Capital Partners LLP Best Private Investment Office - UK 34 Watson Wheatley Best Investment Practice Reconciliation Platform: iRecs 35 Stratton Street Capital Best Fixed-Income Fund Advisory Firm - UK & Best APAC Fixed-Interest Fund (Since Inception): Renminbi Bond Fund 36 GrowthInvest Best Specialist Investment Platform - UK 37 Napier Park Global Capital Best Alternative Credit Investment Firm 2017 & Best Alpha-Driven Fixed Income Fund: Opportunistic Credit Strategy 38 Deutsche Finance Group Best PE Real Estate Investment Firm - Germany & Best Global Infrastructure Fund: Deutsche Finance PRIVATE Fund 11 39 BlackGold Capital Management LP Best Energy-Focused Credit Investment Firm - USA 40 GREIFF Capital Management AG Best Diversified Fund Management Firm - Germany & Best Total Return Fund 2017: PARAGON UI 41 Optimum Asset Management Best Fund Management Firm 2017 - Germany & Best Luxembourg-domiciled Property Funds: Optimum Evolution Fund SIF - Property II & Property III 42 Asia Global Capital Group Best Asia-Pacific Focused Investment Bank 2017 - USA 43 Host Capital Authorised Corporate Director of the Year 2017 - UK & Best Non-UCITS Retail Fund (YTD): HC Stirling House Defensive Fund 44 Lawson Conner Investment Management Platform of the Year 2017 - UK & Best for Regulatory Compliance Services - UK 45 Affiliated Financing Services, Ltd. Best Alternative Project Finance Lender 2017 - North America 46 MCR Best for Hotel Acquisitions 2017 - USA 47 Seven Capital Management Best Fund Manager 2017 - France & Best European Equity Fund (Since Inception): Seven European Equity (Share I) 48 Pluscios Management Best US Distressed Securities Fund (Since Inception): X2 Opportunistic Debt Fund, LLC 50 SL Investment Management Limited Best Fund Structuring Company 2017