Alternative Investment Awards 2017

36 Wealth & Finance International - Alternative Investment Awards 2017 Company: GrowthInvest Contact: Daniel Rodwell / Client Services Email: [email protected] Address: Candlewick House, 120 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6AS, UK Phone: 2070713945 Web Address: AI170036 GrowthInvest GrowthInvest is an independent platform, which provides access to tax efficient investments to a growing network of UK financial advisers, wealth managers and investors. We profile this innovative firm to find out more. Originally founded by financial advisers in 2012 as the Seed EIS Plat- form, the company rebranded as GrowthInvest in October 2016 in order to better reflect the wider range of products and services available. GrowthInvest has an experienced management team and advisory board who have many decades of experience in private equity, and the financial services industry. The platform aims to bring the advantages of early stage investing to a wider audience of investors and advisers, who are in a position to ben- efit from the higher returns these companies potentially offer and tax efficiency via government sponsored schemes such as SEIS and EIS, BR or VCT. The GrowthInvest Platform has 3 core offerings; The purpose-built technology of the GrowthInvest platform allows advis- ers and their clients to consolidate historic investment assets across the tax efficient and alternative investment category. Providing investors or advisers the ability to administrate, control and monitor their alternatice investment portfolio within a single, secure online portal. Currently, the platform has the largest number of EIS and SEIS offers in one place on any transactional platform. For the first time on one platform there is the ability to access single company offers, funds and managed portfolios. Our aim is to provide investors and advisers the ability to access the widest range of tax efficient investment offers on any platform. This enables clients to diversify efficiently having assessed a multitude of offers in a standardized format. The GrowthInvest Portfolio Service was launched in March 2017. This service provides advisers and their clients with regulated access to a balanced portfolio of SEIS/EIS qualifying single company offers from the GrowthInvest Platform. This discretionary investment management service seeks to leverage the experience and expertise of the Growth- Invest investment team to select a diversified portfolio of some of the most promising companies that have passed through the EIS Platform Limited (“GrowthInvest”) due diligence process. Portfolio construction will be generalist in approach, including high growth and low risk (asset rich) businesses across multiple sectors and company stages. Overall, GrowthInvest works closely with entrepreneurs, assisting with investment readiness, structuring of investment rounds and HMRC compliance. GrowthInvest aim to build strong relationships with investee businesses, supporting them throughout their journey in order to gen- erate the best possible outcome for investors who use the GrowthInvest platform. Best Specialist Investment Platform - UK