Alternative Investment Awards 2017

42 Wealth & Finance International - Alternative Investment Awards 2017 Capital Group Inc Company: Asia Global Capital Group Contact: Martin Doan Email: [email protected] Address: 200 Park Ave. Suite 1700, New York, 10166,USA Phone: 16464055227 Web Address: AI170044 Asia Global Asia Global Capital Group (AGCG) is an Asia-Pacific focused merchant banking firm specializing in offering advisory services in cross-border M&A, investment banking and structured investment products. Martin Doan talks us through the firm and its service offering. AGCG currently offers numerous investment opportunities targeting list- ed micro caps to blue chips companies in frontier markets, specifically Vietnam, which is a key area of focus for the firm. Martin discusses the firm’s investment approach and how it works to ensure the highest possible returns for its investors. “Here at AGCG, we source deals and structure investment products for private equity, family offices, and hedge funds. We manage risk through developing a two-fold approaches for our investors and clients: one is focusing on developing an in-depth relationship with high-level management of targets to promote integrity, win-win partnership and good business practice; the other approach is a systematic and disci- pline in structuring transaction for investors that require solid down-size protection of assets via different innovative platform that fits within the regulatory and local practice of such a market. “To ensure the safety of our clients’ investments, our approach to risk is considerably conservative. In structuring deals, we want to make sure our investors are comfortable with the level of risk they can bear. Though offering attractive returns, frontier markets are inherently high risk and volatile; as such we work diligently and patiently with fund managers to offering them different sound risk protection schemes and offering them different scenarios and hedging options for them to choose. Relationship is key to executing a successful investment from entry to exit. As such, aside from a technical approach in managing risk, we also operate on leveraging strong relationships with our clients to ensure a fair-minded mentality and commitment to mutual success.” As a key player in this market, moving forward AGCG will be seeking to grow even further and support even more investors, as Martin con- cludes. “Overall, AGCG are pioneers in this market, having close two first of kind cross-border transaction in 2016, helping a Vietnamese company acquires two companies based in Hong Kong and Seoul, South Korea. Since 2014, we are also the first to execute alternative investment products such as equity credit investment, block trade, repo structures, and structured private placement (PIPEs) for numerous listed entities trading on VN Index. Looking ahead we aim to build upon this success by applying focus, dedication, integrity, and tireless effort to making sure our clients and investors win.” Best Asia-Pacific Focused Investment Bank 2017 - USA