Alternative Investment Awards 2018

2018 Alternative Investment Awards 5 In order to safeguard their investment, alongside the usual financial due diligence and legal due diligence, Acuity focus on human capital and look for superior senior employees who can run the operation. If they meet the firm’s high expectations then they offer them an opportunity to invest for a minority and they run the business. This allows Acuity to achieve alignment of interest with the senior employees removing a ‘them-and-us’ scenario and also allows the scaling of the strategy to a large volume of investments, as Acuity’s team do not have to micro manage each acquired SME. Ultimately, this unique approach has taken a great deal of hard work and determination to achieve. Acuity took around five years to re-design the economic framework to re-ignite the buyout markets with both debt and equity in the same fund, and as such they have created a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity for shrewd investors looking for long term opportunities. Moving forward, the team at Acuity will continue to draw on its vast expertise and industry knowledge to build upon the fund’s current success and expand it even further. Name: Tracy Sawyerr Position: Operations Manager