Alternative Investment Awards 2018

2018 Alternative Investment Awards 6 Best in Investor Settlement Recovery 2018 Battea Class Action Services, LLC is a global leader and expert in all stages of asserting and processing settlement claims relating to antitrust and securities litigation. We spoke to Kevin F. Doyle, Global Head of Marketing for Battea, about the firm’s offerings, as we look at what attributes the company possesses which have seen it achieve overwhelming success. Company: Battea Class Action Services Contact: Kevin F. Doyle Address: Three Stamford Landing, 46 Southfield Avenue, Suite 450, Stamford, Connecticut, 06902, USA Phone: 001 203 987 4949 Website: Founded in 2001, Battea Class Action Services has maintained its leadership position in the fast-moving world of securities class action litigation by continually hunting for news of emerging and newly filed class action litigations. Mr. Doyle starts off the discussion by explaining how Battea has embraced the incredible growth in the securities and antitrust class action settlement industry. “In the U.S., we review all press releases and publicly-available sources related to the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 (“PSLRA”), which mandates prompt notifications of U.S. securities class actions. Similar litigation publicity exists in Canada due to the competitive environment amongst plaintiff law firms looking for lead plaintiffs. “Drawing upon a variety of databases, we identify, analyse and track litigation as it advances through the various court systems. As an industry pioneer, Battea has developed strong relationships with the law firms that file these cases in the U.S. and Canada so that we can perform any additional due diligence on a particular securities case that reinforces our internal litigation research efforts.” Dealing with a vast array of clients on many individual cases, Mr. Doyle tells us what particular trends the team at Battea has noticed, before predicting what other advances will be made across the industry, and what effect they will have on many claims. “The securities and antitrust class action litigation industry is growing at a rapid pace and as new cases are introduced, the claim and loss analysis, litigation research, and rigorous data auditing and monitoring required for these filings will only intensify and grow increasingly complex in both the U.S. and abroad. “Billions of dollars have already settled in the foreign exchange antitrust manipulation cases and some of the derivatives cases. In addition, on 3 January 2018, the fifth largest securities class action settlement in U.S. history was preliminarily approved (In re Petrobras Securities Litigation), with $3 billion available for distribution to purchasers of Petrobras Common ADS or Preferred ADS, and certain purchasers of Petrobras notes. With several billions in additional settlements expected in several pending antitrust cases, an unprecedented amount of settlement monies are and will continue to be available for distribution to eligible claimants. “However, these settlements, and the securities and financial products that are eligible to participate, are extremely complex. As a result, many claimants will struggle asserting their claims, but those who do file successful claims stand to receive significant or even outsized recovery awards.” Overall, Kevin is proud of the success that the company and the team as a whole has achieved, and in his concluding comments, he encourages claimants to work with the firm, before describing how the team at Battea ensures that a claimant maximises its recovery potential. “Battea’s Data, Claims Management and Technology teams have been augmented with members that have built FX, Derivatives and equities trading and exchange automation systems for some of the world’s largest banks and institutions in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Battea’s expertise is simply unmatched. “Moving forward, we are going to see historical amounts of monies paid out to investors that traded in the domestic and international foreign exchange and derivatives markets. However, data production is not necessarily easy and neither is estimating your losses. Now is the time for investors to confirm their eligibility and maximise their recovery awards.” AI180002