Wealth & Finance April 2017

Wealth & Finance International 16 A Well-Bonded Team s multi-sector, fixed income managers since the early 1990’s, Newfleet has long believed that the most efficient way to produce excess returns in the bond market is through active sector rotation and superior security selec- tion, combined with disciplined risk management. Newfleet leverages the knowledge and skill of a team of investment professionals with expertise in every sector of the bond market, including evolving, specialized, and out-of-favour sectors. The team employs active sector rotation based on their relative value assessment, combined with disciplined risk management in constructing their multi-sector portfolios. Newfleet’s sector expertise has also enabled them to build dedicated portfolios in high yield, bank loans, flexible credit, opportunistic credit, and municipal bond strategies as they are committed to delivering a comprehensive array of portfolios that meet investor needs in an ever-changing global market. Located in Hartford, Conn., Newfleet is an $12 billion fixed income asset manager led by CIO and President, David Albrycht, CFA. Mr. Albrycht has managed multi-sector portfolios for nearly 25 years and is recognized by industry groups as a leading multi-sector fixed income strategist. He is supported by 36 investment professionals, fourteen of whom have worked with Mr. Albrycht for an average of 20 years. Newfleet’s longstanding, proven and repeatable investment process is built on collaboration. The team oriented, collegial atmosphere at New- fleet has been a major factor in their funds being recipients of 21 Lipper analytical certificates in the United States. Their process is time tested and repeatable, while years of working together have fostered good collaboration and communication among their investment professionals. Their size works to their advantage as well. Newfleet is large enough to maintain strong relationships with Wall Street, but small enough to be nimble in their trades and able to participate in a wide range of invest- ment opportunities. Historically, Newfleet’s relative value approach to fixed income investing has allowed them to quickly identify and invest in newer opportunities and allocate resources to their coverage where appropriate. They were early entrants to Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities in the early 1990s, Brady Bonds in the mid-1990s, and Bank Loans in the early 2000s. More recently, they have enhanced and built out their distressed debt capabilities for their more aggressive mandates in order for these strategies to benefit from the eventual turn in the credit cycle. Sector specialists at Newfleet Asset Management have responsibility for their respective areas of expertise, which include investment grade, high yield, bank loans, foreign corporates, sovereigns, non-U.S. dollar, securitized product, and municipals. Sector specialists provide insight into their specific sectors and assess the relative value of all sectors within the bond market on the basis of qualitative, quantitative, and supply/demand factors. Team meetings are held daily and monthly such that all sector specialists have an ongoing opportunity to hear views from other specialists that may have some bearing on their area of coverage. Every day, the portfolio managers, sector specialists, and traders meet to update one another on the latest developments and to share information on upcoming deals. In addition to daily informal interaction, the broader Newfleet team has eight regularly scheduled team meetings on a monthly and quarterly basis. Analysts are primarily responsible for fundamental analysis on securities within their area of expertise. Analysts often double as sector specialists or sector portfolio managers, exercising selection authority over their as- signed area of coverage. Sector specialists and analysts drive the invest- ment process through their fundamental research and highly developed insights into the market environment and overall sector “context.” Newfleet believes they have a number of competitive advantages in ways that can add value to their clients. Among them are, key members of the team and essential aspects of their process have been in place for more than 20 years. Portfolio managers do not operate in silos, col- laboration and communication is key to generating significant “give and take” amongst the team. Newfleet believes their investment philosophy will continue to be successful in the future due to the way their active sector rotation, based on relative value, and rigorous credit analysis has been able to screen out intriguing opportunities in all types of market environments. Newfleet’s strategies are offered globally through a number of different investment vehicles. In addition to U.S. distributed mutual funds, ETFs, and closed-end funds, Newfleet’s strategies are available for investment through separately managed accounts, UCITS, and commingled pools. For more information on Newfleet and its products, please visit www. newfleet.com or contact Newfleet COO, Mike Sollicito, at michael. [email protected] . Company: Newfleet Asset Management, LLC Name: David Albrycht, CFA CIO & President Web Address: www.newfleet.com Address: 100 Pearl Street Hartford, Connecticut 06103 Telephone: +1 877 332 8172 Newfleet Asset Management is proud of its selection as part of the 2017 Asset Management Awards in the exclusive United States category. Newfleet views this recognition as further validation of its longstanding investment philosophy and process. A 1704WF14

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