Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019

Wealth & Finance International - 2019 Artificial Intelligence Awards 11 APR2w2 Despite recent gargantuan advancements in technology and what it is capable of, there remains an enormous amount of untapped potential that scientists and engineers are working to unlock. Founded in 2015, Aerial is a Montreal-based company with decades of experience in the fields of wireless communications and AI. The last five years have seen the company develop WiFi motion intelligence technology, analyzing movement to provide deep insights. Alongside motion intelligence technology and AI, one of the firm’s other core areas has been implementing machine learning to make the data smart and practical for security, stability, and affordability in the smart home and healthcare sectors. Since developed this cutting-edge technology that can radically improve the lives of both private individuals and public sector workers, Aerial has been recognised as one of the most pioneering companies in WiFi detection technology. Primarily, the firm works with service providers that operate in the sectors of Internet, healthcare, security, smart home, and smart building. For those worried about an elderly relative falling in the home, or an undetected home burglary, Aerial’s proprietary technology represents a non-invasive solution. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and wireless communication have regularly gone hand-in-hand throughout the modern era as technology has evolved. However, seldom has it been used in such an innovative way as displayed by the team at Aerial Technologies. Discover how the firm is changing the game for Wi-Fi-led motion detection and achieving remarkable success in the process. Most Pioneering in Wi-Fi Detection Technology 2019 When WiFi signals are sent through any given space, they interact with everything there, be they walls, doors, objects, or even human bodies. When people move through a WiFi sensing area, the signals are disrupted in vastly different ways depending on what activity the people are doing, creating a unique signature, all without wearable technology. Easily integrated into smart devices and other WiFi-enabled devices, Aerial’s proprietary technology can be implemented throughout a space to create greater visibility and awareness. No extra installation is required, and the technology itself is truly passive whilst being cost-effective, versatile, and flexible. One of the greatest aspects of Aerial’s WiFi motion intelligence technology is its adaptability and ever-evolving features. The matchless potential means that the firm is well-positioned to help overcome new challenges quicker with greater-than-ever-before levels of accuracy. A key example lies in the world’s aging population. Increasing numbers of elderly people are staying autonomous whilst being taken care of. Families can have peace of mind through Aerial’s motion technology solution. A third party app provides alerts can notify family members if Aerial Technologies Nov19485 there is particular lack of movement, or a fall has been detected. With no wearable technology, it is a solution that is not only advanced, but non-invasive and maintains the dignity of the elderly. Not content to simply help the people who use the technology, Aerial is also committed to helping protect the planet. The technology can also be used by building managers to make their buildings smarter. Whilst the technology can increase convenience for the users, it can also help manage smart energy consumption. As climate change continues to be a key feature of the global discussion, being smarter about energy consumption is more important than it ever has been. Being a start-up in any industry can be hard, but working in AI requires constant innovation and growth to stay relevant. Ultimately, every single staff member has to be on the same page and be a team player, from executive to employee. Scientists, engineers, and experts from all manner of backgrounds continue to collaborate and enhance Aerial’s exciting collection of technology solutions. In the search for better technology to continue helping people, challenging and learning together means that the innovative spirit of teamwork and growth is core to what is being achieved at Aerial. The results speak for themselves; revolutionary and determined to help the end-user. 2019 has proven to be yet another year of growth and success for Aerial as it continues to collaborate with more sectors and augment existing consumer and business applications. 2020 will see the company launch a new device, aimed at enabling even greater access to its technology solutions. Designed for use in the home, workplace, residence, hospital, hotel, or anywhere motion intelligence can be used to improve quality of life, this new device will enable even greater peace of mind through affordable and intelligent solutions. Whether a family wants to non-invasively look after an autonomous elder, or simply be more energy-efficient, Aerial’s solution is truly innovative and imperative for any home. Company: Aerial Technologies Contact: Emilie Carignan Website: