Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019 12 Wealth & Finance International - 2019 Artificial Intelligence Awards APR2w2 As the world becomes more and more distributed and connected, Core Scientific operates with the belief that blockchain and AI is the answer to fundamentally changing the way information is processed, shared, and stored across a multitude of industries. On a mission to become the go-to choice for premier AI and blockchain services, the firm is resolute in its determination to offer best-in-class infrastructure and software solutions for businesses and organisations everywhere. Since the company’s founding in 2017, it has grown to become a world leader in artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, transaction processing, and application development. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Core Scientific is focused on pioneering innovations and best practices in a relatively new industry. Data science is a multidisciplinary, complex field of work, and the firm’s goal is to empower data scientists to take on some of the most challenging problems facing the world today. However, data scientists are often dissatisfied and frustrated at the lack of on-demand technology that is optimized for deep learning and model training. Teams that work in data science simply do not have the infrastructure that can handle the sheer amount of data sets they require. The world is becoming increasingly connected. Businesses and organisations are more capable of processing data extremely quickly, whilst people of all ages and backgrounds can connect with one another in an instant. AI and blockchain technology represent two of the next biggest steps for world development, and Core Scientific is a firm dedicated to exploring that. Following the firm’s win in our Artificial Intelligence Awards 2019, discover its secrets to success. Leading Innovators in AI Data Science Solutions 2019 In order to cater to that need, Core Scientific has continued to focus its efforts on developing innovative new solutions that capitalise on AI and blockchain technology. The result is the Core Scientific Cloud for Data Scientists™, combining the best-in-class NVIDIA DGX-2 Systems and the latest flash storage solutions to deliver an on-demand AI solution for advanced data science work. A piece of remarkable innovation, it is a complete solution for deep learning, and includes the Core Scientific aiLab™ for clients to tackle problems requiring the most powerful compute tools. What the Core Scientific aiLab™ offers is AI and machine learning tools, built from the ground up and designed specifically for the needs of data scientists at the very forefront of innovation themselves. Created using the latest hardware and GPU-accelerated software, the aiLab™ is also a complete on-demand solution for deep learning needs. For companies looking to hire data scientists that want to change the world through the power of AI and blockchain tech, this new on-demand service from Core Scientific has the potential to be the pulling power that they will inevitably need. Core Scientific Nov19408 Blockchain and AI from Core Scientific can be utilized across a myriad of industries, where large amount of data are handled every single day. Game designers require in-depth analysis on billions of rows of data every day, and financial transaction firms have to potentially regulate the digital fingerprint of millions of transactions. Solving complex business challenges across every industry and sector, Core Scientific’s solutions are enabling an AI-augmented future where those data scientist dissatisfactions are a thing of the past. Further cementing the success of Core Scientific, alongside the development of its incredible technologies, the firm has received significant recognition in the last twelve months. Silicon Review named the firm as one of its 50 Most Admired Companies of the Year, and its partnership with NVIDIA has seen it recognised as an NVIDIA DGX-Ready Datacenter. Looking to the future, the aim is clear and simple for the team at Core Scientific; to continue hosting and developing industry-specific solutions that will revolutionize the way business works. Moving forward, that takes the form of powerful, new solutions for retail inventory control, and solutions that democratize AI workloads for self-driving car start-ups. Ultimately, there is no denying the advancement of technology and the fact that it will play a role in the future of business. AI and blockchain technologies are core to that advancement, with Core Scientific’s proprietary offerings showcasing the immense potential they afford. A true innovator in its field, this firm will surely be a key player as technology continues it expansion to every industry and sector in the world. Company: Core Scientific Contact: Matthew Bishop Website: