2020 Artificial Intelligence Awards

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 12 Wealth & Finance International - 2020 Artificial Intelligence Awards APR2w2 For those that partner with EMERGEiQ, they can expect game-changing insights that are directly provided into a businesses’ existing workflow. Working alongside small and medium enterprises, the firm develops data science and AI-driven solutions that will help the enterprise clients to use their data in improving business by increasing efficiencies and revenue. These data science and AI advisory services are complemented by a full-stack technology platform that can be used to process a client’s data without the need to hire in-house specialists or buy expensive equipment. EMERGEiQ is proud to operate much like a family business that works with honesty and integrity, always putting clients first by providing a personal and high-quality service that is agnostic to the sector that the client is in. The ultimate goal of the firm is to democratise data science and artificial intelligence so that all businesses can benefit from what it has to offer. Artificial intelligence has made the firm what it is, with the team of data scientists being passionate about using data science and artificial intelligence to improve the world around them. As a result, the firm has succeeded in being subject matter Artificial intelligence has come a very long in recent years, and the new decade looks set to advance this technology even further. One UK-based firm is doing everything it can to serve customers through the power of artificial intelligence. EMERGEiQ is a technology platform and company that provides any business with data science and artificial intelligence as a service. To find out more, we profiled the business and learned about what it has to offer in terms of service to clients. Best AI-Based Problem Solving Analytics Platform – UK & Leading Developer of Insurance Claims Software Solutions - UK experts and artificial intelligence service providers. EMERGEiQ is led by an executive team who believe in hiring the best, most successful talent on the market. In addition, there are internal training programs designed to keep the team abreast of all new technologies, industry practices, soft-skills, and other upcoming innovations within the industry. A lot of the work carried out by EMERGEiQ is at the cutting-edge and is often uncharted, though having the head of artificial intelligence be an Assistant Professor who is at the forefront of this revolutionary technology allows it to confidently provide clients with the best solutions. The work that is involved in understanding data science and thereby applying it is also intrinsically linked to the various regulations around data and privacy. As such, this is the first concern that is brought up when EMERGEiQ works with its clients. Understanding how clients intend to use data is imperative to enabling them to actually use the data itself. Even the firm itself understands the ethical challenges that lie within working with data science and artificial intelligence. This is an ongoing challenge to ensure that the firm’s worked is can be deemed ethical. In a bid to guarantee ethical clarity, EMERGEiQ EMERGEiQ Jan21055 is engaged with the Department of Artificial Intelligence. Of course, there are other challenges involving COVID-19 that the firm has had to be aware of, but they have also come with opportunity for success. As the world becomes more and more digital, the need for clients to have help in navigating this new world is greater than ever before. Using the power of data science and artificial intelligence, EMERGEiQ can definitely help its clients capitalise on this new digital world. Looking to the future, EMERGEiQ is focused on getting more business on board to realise that data science and AI can be a service, whilst also completely developing the EMERGEiQ Hub, which means services will be available more easily via an online “plug-and-play” facility. Ultimately, this firm is at the very forefront of pushing what artificial intelligence can do for SMEs and businesses across the United Kingdom. It is the definition of innovative, and certainly deserving of a place in the Artificial Intelligence Awards 2020. Company: EMERGEiQ Contact: Tashfin Shafique & Mizan Rahman Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Website: https://emergeiq.com/