2020 Artificial Intelligence Awards

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 14 Wealth & Finance International - 2020 Artificial Intelligence Awards APR2w2 When Vantage Properties first appeared, it was as a real estate research and consulting firm. Time has seen it adapt to meet the needs of companies at large, and trends in real estate guided the team towards a new purpose as a technology lead and enabled company. This brought in the development of gosmartvalue.com, a place that could connect people and organizations to real estate information for decision making that meets their needs. The role that artificial intelligence plays is crucial. The firm would not have been able to start some fifteen years ago. Now, it is possible for machine The role of real estate has never been more important, and the team at Vantage Properties have put a great deal of time and effort into ensuring that their clients are able to be in the best position to benefit from the changing technological landscape. We caught up with what this firm has been up to, following their extraordinary success in the Artificial Intelligence Awards 2020. Most Innovative Real Estate Data Analytics Specialists - Africa learning to automate the valuation process connecting different data sets on trends from different location, geographic nuance, and making predictive recommendations of value. Thanks to the technological approach, each data set can be processed and customized to meet the needs of each user’s specific decision needs. Customers are served rapidly and more accurately. Of course, the current uncertain climate has played a major part in how the team operates, with accuracy amongst the highest qualities expected by customers. When risks on long term decisions are being made, this is hardly surprising. The Vantage Properties Jan21084 decisions and advice given are capital intensive and very long term, so the team have made the effort to stay ahead of the curve continuously learning and developing better ways to serve them. The core clientele for Vantage Properties are financiers of real estate in Africa. These investors and developers want to find as much certainty as possible in each and every one of their returns. Vantage Properties offers data backed analytics that draws straight from the household dynamics. The challenges facing the industry are innumerable, especially in the light of COVID-19. Over the years, the risk associated with decisions made in real estate have been underplayed by the general stability of the asset class in the long term. The current uncertainty of the future, as well as the risk of overreliance in human intelligence has been highlighted by the crisis. This means that the necessity and value of Vantage Properties’ solutions have become increasingly and startlingly relevant. The firm has done well throughout 2020, and there is a lot of work to do in the future to meet the needs of recent economic events. This ranges from banks mapping financing paths for households and commercial real estate, to developers looking to repurpose or confirm viability of ongoing developments. Even real estate practitioners are looking at using technology to optimize their operations, which could encroach on the work that the team have and are undertaking. For those working at Vantage Properties, however, it’s a challenge to be met. It’s a problem to be solved. Their commitment is to ensure that their clients find the solution they need in the most difficult of circumstances. It’s the team’s ability to find a solution that is long-lasting and resilient that has led them to such success. Company: Vantage Properties Contact: Sethebe Manake Web Address: www.gosmartvalue.com