2020 Artificial Intelligence Awards

Wealth & Finance International - 2020 Artificial Intelligence Awards 5 APR2w2 in addition to quality of products. The current 3 pillars are in vitro or ex vivo models, then in vivo in animals with pre-clinical trials and finally clinical trials in humans. In addition to these 3, modelisation and simulation in silico could be now considered as pillar number 4. This is for instance what the FDA in the USA has been favoring since 2017 and what the EMA in Europe is also supporting more actively since early 2020. PEACCEL’s strategy is totally aligned with this shift of paradigm in the Life Sciences industry. The firm has rapidly become a major player in this field to support companies to accelerate drug discovery, decrease associated costs and risks, better understand the biology of drugs without jeopardizing the quality of the development programs. The result of using in silico modeling and simulation / prediction of activity through AI is an increase of chances of success for drugs to reach the key pharmaceutical markets (USA, Europe and Asia Pacific). PEACCEL is ahead of the competition with its unique, science-based and innovative technology and part of the key to the firm’s growth is continuing to maintain that high level of success and robust competitive advantage. Maintaining these standards and excellence is the overall responsibility of the PEACCEL team. They have been brought together, and are guided to work in a way that is both agile and focused. A lean organizational structure allows them to be close to their clients and very reactive to deliver high quality results within allocated budget and timelines. PEACCEL staff is composed of experts in the field of AI including ML and DL, statistics, mathematics, biology, bioinformatics, structural biocomputing, business development, management and pharma / The platform is built on an extraordinary amount of research. Professors Cadet and Offmann are prodigious in their peer-reviewed output, with over 130 combined publications between them. biotech environment. In addition to possessing excellent hard skills, the team at PEACCEL also have developed strong soft skills in order to always work towards excellence internally and externally. It’s their ability to quickly adapt and change in an often-variable workplace that has brought them such high levels of success. Finding a way to move forward in the world today can be a major challenge, but for the team at PEACCEL, 2020 and the COVID-19 crisis has opened up doors to many opportunities, including finding new and exciting ways of approaching this sort of problem. The last year has seen an extraordinary acceleration of the implementation of new and innovative technologies. This dramatic period of growth has ensured that now is the right time for pharmaceutical and biotech firms to adopt and add in silico modeling and simulation in their development strategies as quickly as possible. The way that PEACCEL operates and the way in which the team are endeavouring to put therapeutics drugs on the market is a real shift of paradigm that cannot be ignored. What makes PEACCEL different is that it can produce massive amounts of new data to train its ML/DL platform. Other companies have taken the shortcut of relying on existing datasets which are often messy and of low quality. There are very few companies worldwide in this field which are able to bridge the worlds of both AI and Life Sciences.