Wealth & Finance August 2017

Wealth & Finance International 18 To Boldly Go, Where No Company Has Gone Before erospace Technologies Group, Inc.’s (ATG) primary tactical objective is to transform and improve the passenger trans- portation experience by developing and offering elegant and brilliant aerospace quality products that are driven by innovation, technology, creativity and investment. Their ongoing mission is “to explore new technologies and new innova- tions; to seek out opportunities and design brilliant solutions; to boldly go where no aerospace company has gone before.” The company’s Chief Sales Officer, Matt Duntz, begins the interview by revealing how ATG approaches client service and why Florida continues to push forward the growth of the aviation industry. “ATG has adopted a programme management and account administra- tion system, to ensure our clients have full technical, commercial and programmes communication on a regular basis. Both our clients and ATG are committed to a ‘business partners’ type relationships, seeking the best outcome for each. “South Florida in specific attracts young professionals looking to start or enhance their careers. You can virtually fly anywhere in the world from any of the three international airports, which makes global business ac- tions much easier. With our location being in a Florida Atlantic Universi- ty’s Research Park, it has allowed us to work closely with the university, for positioning numerous engineering and intern type positions.” Matt then explains how the company stays ahead of emerging develop- ments in the aviation industry and the secrets behind ATG’s success. “ATG is a company of innovators. It is part of the firm’s culture and some may say part of our DNA to evaluate new and more efficient ways of doing things. We are quick to conceptualise, develop and launch new products and services. Our time to market is often a fraction of others in the market- place. With our advanced prototyping capabilities, we can identify potential issues prior to launch, saving time and cost and allowing product modifica- tions early in the design phase, resulting in maturity at entry into service. “ATG is in a growth mode today, constantly focusing on product en- hancements, new product development along with a strong concen- tration on Lean Six Sigma. Also, we never lose sight of the people that make ATG a great company, by celebrating success and rewarding the motivating leaders.” Matt then reveals the company’s internal culture and how it is culti- vated. He also tells us how staff are equipped to provide the very best service to clients. “ATG has built a team focused on creating value within the organisation. The company has crafted an employee-friendly, team-oriented atmo- sphere where employees can both grow and prosper. As a specialised manufacturer, each employee grows in value, with the broadening of their experience and knowledge of the company’s products, processes and markets. “To maximise the creation of value within the company, ATG continues to invest heavily in its team members, primarily in training, but also in advanced tools and equipment to increase productivity and reduce costs. The core of this team-oriented focus is built around maximising employee retention, primarily by improving efficiency and by providing opportunities to grow. “ATG also focuses greatly on employee welfare and career development - even including opportunities for employees to move upwards into management - from the factory floor. Due to this approach to value cre- ation and with the firm’s focus on long-term employment, we have built a loyal and dedicated workforce: Over 50% of ATG’s employees have been here for more than five years and 50% of our original core team members from 15+ years ago, (five of 10) are still employees. “Our voluntary turnover rate is extremely low; well under 5% annually. This approach has led to great success for us. Since the company’s move into its expanded facilities in Boca Raton in 2011, employee headcount has doubled, while revenues have quadrupled.” In closing, Matt details the company’s approach to hiring new staff and the exciting times that lie ahead for them. “ATG has built an amazing team of talented individuals. We look to bring in top talent from the aerospace industry, but have also had great success hiring quality candidates and training them for a long-term career. Our recruiting philosophy is to hire skilled, motivated, entrepre- neurial people and to provide an environment that allows them to grow. With our beautiful state of the art facilities in Boca Raton and opportuni- ties to grow within a fast-paced organization, ATG has had great success in recruiting. Aerospace Technologies Group, Inc.’s (ATG) is a market-leading specialist in the rapid design, development and production of advanced technology, highly innovative, aerospace-grade interior components and systems. We were fortunate to speak with Chief Sales Officer, Matt Duntz, to learn more about their exciting mission to explore new technologies and new innovations, to boldly go where no aerospace company has gone before. A 1708WF01

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