Wealth & Finance August 2017

Wealth & Finance International 20 A Range of Investment Strategies and Opportunities immer Family Office’s flagship fund, the Wimmer ETF Plus Fund, is a trend following multi-strategy portfolio, blend- ing low-cost ETFs with external CTAs to achieve a low to medium risk profile with double digit returns. We also offer commercial real-estate opportunities in Eastern Europe with focus on prime locations in Prague, Budapest, and Bucharest, as well as other ad hoc investments. Per Wimmer reveals Wimmer Family Office’s overall mission, what differentiates them firm from their competitors and how it feels to have been selected in the Global Excellence Awards as Most Trusted Family Office, UK. “The overall mission of the firm is to serve the clients to the best of our ability. We firmly believe that by putting the client’s interests first, our own long-term success will automatically follow. “The differentiating factor in the way we operate is our compelling unique investment strategy allowing for very high risk-adjusted returns on a medium risk basis. “It is a great honour to receive the Most Trusted Family Office – UK accolade as part of the Global Excellence Awards. Receiving the award serves as a true testament to the dedication and commitment of our investment team and their contribution to achieving the firm’s mission: to serve our clients, to the best of our ability.” Per then provides an interesting overview of the wider family office industry in the UK and adds his thoughts on how they stay ahead of emerging developments in today’s fast-paced market. “Wimmer Family Office believes that the ‘mid-size’ family office (which we would define as investible net worth, from $5 million to $100 million) is quite poorly served. Several firms have gone out of business or with- drawn from the market. Others charge fees which are simply too high. We see this as a significant opportunity. “Working within the fast-paced market, we pay a lot of attention to not getting caught up in the fad of the moment. ‘What works’ regarding investments is well-documented and does change terribly much. We believe the market is becoming increasingly efficient. This makes many hedge fund strategies difficult to implement and hence our current focus on index products. “Sadly, we do see a relatively low return environment and believe it is best to position defensively in anticipation of quite probable market disruption. We do believe that trend-following is one of the few remain- ing inefficiencies in the market – and attempt to use this for downside protection.” Per then explains to us the internal culture present at Wimmer Family Office, including the importance of ensuring that all staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to clients. “Wimmer Family Office takes great pride in having established a culture that is founded on a unified set of ten core principles, known as the ‘Wimmer Principles’, which underpin how we do business. These include putting the client’s priorities first, maintaining high ethical stan- dards, and thinking out of the box. We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its simple parts with teamwork being essential to the success of our firm.” Per is eager to add some concluding thoughts, including his plans for the firm and his thoughts on the global corporate landscape. “We will continue to focus the firm’s efforts on growing the business and attaining a global reach of our investor base. In terms of the global corporate landscape, we are in an era of quite tight regulation – a prob- lem for corporations and anyone on our side of the business. Taxation policies remain unclear – and could help or hinder corporate profits and the stock markets thus. This is an area of focus for us. “The investment landscape is a never-ending puzzle, and it is a true pleasure to be a participant. With that said, there are ‘rules of the road’ to guide you – and hopefully prevent you from making the mistakes that occur in the market with quite sad regularity. A disciplined approach is everything.” Company: Wimmer Family Office Name: Per Wimmer Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.wfo.am Address: 2 Swallow Place, London, W1B 2AE, UK Telephone: +44 207 432 7575 Wimmer Family Office is a London-based family office for wealthy families and high net-worth individuals, offering a range of investment strategies and opportunities. After their selection in the Global Excellence Awards as the Most Trusted Family Office – UK, we interviewed Per Wimmer to learn more about the firm and the wider corporate landscape. W 1708WF03

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