Wealth & Finance August 2017

Wealth & Finance International 24 Hard Work & Superior Service Standards emon Tree Financial offers clients a dedicated mortgage advisor and a support team, with over 60 years of combined experience in the mortgage and protection market. Mitul Patel, a 28-year veteran of the mortgage industry in London, has previously reached the top ten in three Amazon Best Seller lists with his book ‘Mitul Patel - Buy to Let Investing for Building Wealth.’ Lemon Tree Financial is modelled on his image, with an emphasis on hard work, superior service standards and bespoke solutions. He is not new to winning accolades, but the ones he values most are from his clients, who express their gratitude daily and share their experience in dozens of online testimonials. The firm works with their clients, from the initial enquiry until they finally complete on their property, regardless of the obstacles they find in their path and they rely on Lemon Tree Financial to guide them through. On receiving the prestigious Best Buy to Let Mortgage Broker 2017 – London award, Mitul highlights how it’s an honour to be recognised and shortlisted for this. “It is always a pleasure for us to gain recognition from fellow profession- als in the finance industry however we derive the greatest satisfaction from our own client’s feedback”. “In today’s commercial world and the popularity of social media, all businesses are open to publication of honest customer reviews for all to read. If the aim of providing the best service and having a willingness to excel is not enough, this fact should be ample incentive to do more to meet customer expectations.” Mitul explains how the firm supports clients across all aspects of their mortgage transaction, as the interview begins. “Because of our service and dedication our clients are loyal, indeed many have been with us since even before we started the company, in 2000. We are now acquiring new clients daily for buy-to-let, residential and commercial lending, which is both demanding yet exciting going forward.” Brexit, tax changes, stamp duty and stricter lending criteria has caused concern to both buyers and sellers in the property market. Mitul devel- ops this point further and shares his thoughts on the buy-to-let market. “The UK government has committed to building more property, which is sorely needed and is incentivising developers and first time buyers with special mortgage schemes such as Help to Buy. In the buy-to-let mar- ket, lending criteria has become more restrictive from the beginning of 2017 and Buy To Let investors also have a further burden of additional tax in the coming years”. Where other brokers have complained of a slowdown in business, Lemon Tree has thrived because of its service standards and Mitul Patel’s work ethic.” Mitul’s philosophy and determination has manifested itself in a small team of professionals, who share the same ideals, principles and ethos as his own. He goes to develop this strong selling point of the firm. “Uncertainty in the property and mortgage market is not a new phenomenon so the starting point for any client, new or existing is to comprehensively assess their financial position and address their goals and timescales. You might say this is simple and is the least you would expect from an adviser. However, Lemon Tree’s commitment to their superior service takes this simple industry premise and elevates it to a much higher level altogether.” “All new cases are taken on and nurtured, with an emphasis on holding the hand of the client throughout the process. The client receives guidance and personal assistance from dealing with sellers, agents, surveyors, contractors, solicitors and accountants to the point of com- pletion and sometimes beyond. The online reviews are a testament to this approach.” As an experienced property investor himself, clients often seek his advice to assess a potential investment property purchase. Mitul adds: “we will always warn a client against a deal if we have concerns that it may be too risky or that it may not help achieve their property goals”. Not surprisingly, his advice and services are sought after by numerous property experts and lecturers on the subject. The firm is now expand- ing its commercial business. The connections made over the years and the reputation for quality and superior service, has attracted both main- stream and private commercial finance lenders, who are keen to work with Lemon Tree. The aim of Lemon Tree for next year is to continue providing the best service for its clients. Lemon Tree Financial are Mortgage Brokers based in Harrow, Middlesex providing expert Mortgage and Protection Advice to their clients. Their main areas of practice are buy-to-let mortgages, residential mortgages and first-time buyer mortgages. As winner of the Best Buy to Let Mortgage Broker 2017 – London Award, we spoke to adviser Mitul Patel to find out more about his firm. L WM170031

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