Wealth & Finance International - Business Awards 2015

Business Awards 2015 14 Best Management Company - Florida Lighthouse Property Management is a team orientated property management firm specialising in delivering personalised management solutions tailored to individual situations. The firm’s Vice President of Marketing Kristin L. Fourie outline’s the company’s unique approach to property management. Company: Lighthouse Property Management, Inc. Name: Kristin L. Fourie, V.P. of Marketing Email: [email protected] Web Address: lighthousepropertymanagement.net Address: 460 N. Tamiami Trail, Osprey FL. 34229 Telephone: (941) 460-5560 ext 207 At Lighthouse Property Management, we take a better approach to man- agement than the rest. Our founder and CEO, J. Lloyd Keith, pioneered the Full-Service TEAM Management Plan, which delivers the most comprehen- sive and personalized Association management solutions available in this industry. He started up Lighthouse in his home in Osprey in 1991. Since then, we have grown from one office to five satellite locations, so that we can better service to the over 155 associations we serve. Because we offer a team of professionals to service every one of the associations we manage, we are able to bring comprehensive coverage and support to boards of directors. Within the base team we offer a Full-time licensed manager who works with his or her own Administrative Assistant. The assistant handles the day to day operations, so that the manager is able to be onsite, in the field, attending to the needs of the property. In addition, the association receives an accountant, who produces the monthly financial. A full time collections clerk handles any collectables due to the association, while the A/P-A/R clerk provides invoice management as well as the collection of dues. Working behind the scenes is our V.P. of Operations, who oversees the management team, checking in with the directors on a regular basis. The Executive Program Director works with the assistants to provide consistent training and efficient practices. Our Human Resources Director oversees the function of association employees, as well as health care and payroll submissions. The Director of Marketing keeps sales up, as well as providing associations with marketing materials that promote property projects. Finally, our I.T. Manager maintains our company and association websites, while also addressing our technical issues. Through our vast experience we have developed policies and procedures we refer to as “The Lighthouse Way.” It’s a way of investing in people in our community, producing valuable results that far out-weigh a monetary gain. At Lighthouse, our mission is to provide exceptional customer support with honesty and integrity. Communication is the key. We listen because we care about the needs of our clients and we are committed to delivering the highest quality of customer service available. Our design is built upon teamwork. We give our clients the support of a management team, who Follow-up with solutions that work. We build relationships with clients based on trust. We live in the community we work in, so we have an Investment in the properties we manage and the people who have trusted us to enhance the value of their homes. Our reputation is the cornerstone of our success; serving the tri-coun- ty area for 25 years. In order to maintain these high standards, we have a few safety nets in place to ensure maximum performance: Our V.P. of Operations works closely with the management teams in order to ensure the proper level of service is delivered to our clients. Our philosophy is to ‘inspect what you expect.’ Quarterly surveys are handed to our boards of directors, giving our clients the opportunity to weigh in on our services. Working within an ever evolving industry such as ours requires means we have to keep ahead of emerging trends by constantly keeping ourselves informed. Each year we analyse our current progress. We investigate trends in our industry, following reports from top leaders, companies & magazines, such as Wealth & Finance International. However the most important aspect to our approach is that we understand that one thing is always constant: how we treat our clients. In order to ensure the best in client care, we understand that our employees are the front line to our clients, so we want to support them in the highest degree possible. Whether that means increasing benefits, enhancing our bonus program, providing additional training and increasing communications, we do so in an effort to show our appreciation to those who are doing the work. It is our approach to client care which sets us apart from our competitors. Our unique TEAM Service Structure ensures clients receive the best possible service from our firm. Each one of our properties receives a TEAM of professionals to guide them through the complexities of Association Management. No other management company offers this type of support. Of course this level of service is costly, however, we keep our fees low, because we are committed to our clients and we are invested in our community. An additional benefit of this structure is that because our philosophy is team oriented, the atmosphere within our company is relaxed. Knowing an employee can reach out to a team member at any time for support, helps us achieve overall success in our work performance. In fact, after the Annual Staff Conference (ASC) this year, employees rated ‘team support and work environment’ as a 5 on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best and highest score) on the survey. Each year our Conference gets bigger and better. Currently, all of our satellite offices are at full capacity. In the future, plans have already begun to look for additional office space. The first location sought after is the Lakewood Ranch area. Since Lighthouse supports the Lakewood Ranch Alliance and partners with them in many events, we hope to spread the Lighthouse name there, and plant some roots in that lovely area! We will also be expanding our Longboat Key offices. This is another key area of interest as we are committed to this community while also serving of mem- bers of the LBK Chamber. Our team structure is working well for clients and we are implementing new staff, procedures and check points to ensure that we maintain that high level of customer service. Numbers do not drive our success, rather, it is the ability to continue to deliver the best customer service available that steadies our growth. Lighthouse Property Management

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