Wealth & Finance International - Business Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 31 Personal Injury Law Firm of the Year - Arizona It is not hard to find a lawyer in Arizona, but to find a multi-award winning, well-intentioned attorney with a proven track record of winning for his clients, now that is a rare commodity. A.J. Mitchell fits this description well and these were his thoughts on winning, awards and cases. Company: Law Office of A.J. Mitchell, PLC Web Address: www.ajmlawoffice.com Address: 14555 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 170 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 Telephone: (480) 595-6800 – Tele Law Office of A.J. Mitchell, PLC “It is undoubtedly a high honor to have been awarded Arizona’s Personal Injury Law Firm of the Year: 2015” for assisting clients in navigating the of- ten complex legal waters that exist in virtually any claim and ensuring that clients have everything they need when seeking a resolution or preparing for trial. The Law Office of A.J. Mitchell, PLC is dedicated to client success. Focusing on personal injury law, the firm is able to assist injury victims during the most difficult time in their life. They remain compassionate yet focused. Whether it is an auto collision (car, truck, motorcycle, bike, pedestrian), a trip and fall, a construction accident, animal attack, or medical malpractice, the Law Office of A.J. Mitchell, PLC fights zealously and effectively to resolve most cases short of trial. “I like to make a difference in people’s lives,” and indeed he does. With his skill set and knowledge of the legal system pertaining to personal injury law Mitchell always embraces the chance to apply his skills to protect cli- ents from the challenges presented during the troubling times which follow an injury. Battling a large, faceless insurance company can be daunting. Mitchell knows, ““It’s a David versus Goliath battle every time. After a client has been injured and before a client hires an attorney, the insurance company attempts to get a statement immediately. Usually, the quicker the insurance company gets a statement, the better it is for the carrier, because injuries often take some time to fully manifest.” Mitchell graduated with high honors from the University of Florida in 1998 with a degree in ¬finance. He went directly on to law school at California Western School of Law, where he received a scholarship and earned a position on the trial team. Mitchell began practicing personal injury law after losing his own sister to a trucking accident some years ago. With an in-depth understanding of the emotional and logistical challenges that occur with injury clients, shortly after his own family tragedy, he opened his own practice focusing primarily on personal injury law. With his vast knowledge of personal injury law and the facts of a specific case at his disposal, Mitchell can rebut the contentions insurance compa- nies make knowing that they will try to get a release signed by the injured party as a matter of urgency, in an endeavour to avoid paying further costs. Aware of the possibility that further health problems may arise for his clients, problems for which they should be entitled to claim, Mitchell is always prepared. The Law Office of A.J. Mitchell, PLC stands behind its work. In the extremely rare event the client is unsuccessful, the Law Office of A.J. Mitchell, PLC never charges any fee or costs to the client. And, Mitchell always discount our contingency fee when he is successful. Unlike other firms, the Law Office of A.J. Mitchell does not dish your case off to a new associate. Every case is handled directly by A.J. Mitchell, who has nearly 15 years of experience as an attorney. He has handled seven figure cases and five figure cases with personal attention to each one. “The reason for practicing personal injury law is that I want to play a role in shifting the paradigm of the personal injury attorney from the unscru- pulous, ‘ambulance-chasing’ attorney, to the honorable personal injury attorney that enhances the lives of the clients I serve,”

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