Wealth & Finance International - Business Awards 2016

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 13 Best Biometric Identification Company 2016 - Germany DERMALOG Identification Systems offers Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems, Fingerprint Scanners and customized biometric solutions. We invited Chief Executive Officer Günther Mull to tell us more about the firm’s innovative approach and dedication to creating the most creative solutions to meet the ever evolving needs of its clients. Company: DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.dermalog.com Address: Mittelweg 120, 20148 Hamburg Telephone: +49-404132270 Established in 1995, DERMALOG has been a pioneer in the development of biometric products and solutions for almost 25 years. For the past 14 years the firm has achieved double-digit growth year on year, as firms from around the world draw on its expertise, including leading banks and authorities. Günther Mull talks us through the firm’s service offering and how it aims to ensure that every one of its solutions is delivered to the highest possible standard. “DERMALOG’s expertise is defined by our verifiably high quality solutions and consistently innovative technology concepts. As such we have developed he widest product range of deployable techniques and the largest number of biometric patents on the market”. “Our innovative, creative approach is particularly vital for a firm in our sector because every day, new developments in the biometric sector are appearing. In order to remain at the forefront of innovation we are constantly developing our applications in order they fulfil our customer’s needs. All of our biometric systems are fully certified according to international standards and meet the highest and latest certifications regarding security and quality.” Operating globally, DERMALOG has its headquarters in Hamburg with 160 employees, and additional 20 employees in two Branches in Malaysia and Singapore, which offers technical support for many customers in Asia. Günther Mull explains how the firm aims to provide excellence to its clients wherever they are based. “Our Sales Team travels all around the world in order to have a face to face contact with our clients. In every country where we work, we have a partner who helps us with our customer and also through the whole project. After this, every project gains its own project Manager who is in charge during and after the project has been done, ensuring that clients have dedicated support from a single point of contact.” “Operations and management, including senior management, the research and development, support and marketing departments are all located at our headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Our marketing is organized worldwide but coordinated from the Hamburg head office by means of strategic alliances with representatives, system integrators, local software companies or general contractors.” As DERMALOG is an owner-managed company, decision-making channels are short and fast, which helps promote a supportive and collaborative internal culture according to Günther. “Strong communication and cooperation between departments is highly valued and promoted at DERMALOG, therefore we aim to keep our hierarchies flat and our lines of communication short. Our experts from various specialist fields work together in an interdisciplinary fashion, which gives us the ability to assign individually assembled teams consisting of experts from different departments to each project. Through this approach we are able to maintain our flexibility, create innovative solutions for our customers and guarantee successful installations and ideal services.” Looking ahead, development remains the firm’s core focus as it seeks to build upon its current success, as Günther describes in his concluding comments. “DERMALOG is currently evolving from the provider of fingerprint biometrics towards its overall aim, which is to become the total biometrics provider for all biometrics. In order to achieve this, we are working towards creating facial and iris recognition technology this year, with a view to exploring other biometrics technology in the longer term.” “Essentially the key to achieving these new developments and creating this technology is heavy investment in research and development, which is also supported by the Hamburg City and IFB Hamburg. Every year DERMALOG invests 30% of its revenue into research and development, as this will help us become the leader in the biometrics industry.” BU160020

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