Wealth & Finance International - Business Awards 2016

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 15 Best Non-Profit Marketing Agency 2016 - New York Faircom New York is an international fundraising and marketing agency that works with non-profit organizations of varying breadth, depth, mission and size. President Corinne Servily fills us in on the latest developments for the firm and what the future has in store. Company: Faircom New York Address: 12 West 27th Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10001 Phone: 212.727.3876 Fax: 212.727.7954 Website: http://www.faircomny.com With over 20 years of experience in fundraising and marketing, Faircom New York is committed to helping charitable organizations extend their reach through an integrated and innovative approach. While most firms work with non-profits in just one area of fundraising, Faircom New York is equipped to work with organizations through all channels- direct mail, social media, large donor and events, and face to face. Corinne explains the firm’s approach to working with clients and how it aims to ensure that the overall outcome of every project meets their individual needs. “When we initially start working with a client on a new campaign we always examine all historical creative elements and associated campaign data to learn from past successes and failures and to give us fresh ideas to pursue, because we never want to repeat an error or imitate a success without seeing how we can improve upon it. We leverage as much data as we possibly can when deciding who to target and how to segment and what channels to use. “Most often this data can be provided by the client, sometimes we must append data from external sources to bolster our targeting or our channel proliferation (for example, we may append email addresses to the client’s file). With creative ideas and data to support them, we prepare a creative brief replete with production specifications and segmentation matrices for our clients and projected costs, revenues and ROI per segment. “Once we receive approval from our client, we have a roadmap to follow. We start by issuing a production calendar, and from then on we manage the process, ensuring all the while that it stays on message, on budget and on schedule. We are very mindful that while the first and foremost goal is to meet our clients’ revenue and ROI goals, we must also respect their schedules, their time and their resources. In this spirit, we take the pre-production process very seriously so as to mitigate any potential budget or time overages on either end, ours and theirs.” Apart from being a fully integrated direct marketing agency specializing in cross-channel fundraising, Faircom New York also leads the market in international fundraising. With clients spanning the globe, the agency helps international non-profits build visibility and support in the United States by providing each of its clients with high-level market analysis relevant to their cause and goals. Once potential donors are identified, the company then facilitates the necessary introductions to cultivate, solicit and maintain these relationships, which is of vital importance to them, as Corinne is keen to emphasise. “Faircom New York is a boutique firm, large enough to cover all channels of integrated fundraising, but small enough to not be sidelined, by channel or by client. Our teams meet constantly, either at regularly scheduled times, or on the fly in our kitchen or somewhere in our open floor plan to discuss client projects. No team proceeds on its own. When the direct mail team launches a campaign, they confer with the online and data teams. Account directors are always encouraged to share success stories for testing with other clients. We want to maximize learning and lesson distribution to all team members so as not to reproduce failures and to multiply successes. Our team is collaborative and clients love to come into our friendly office and communicate with our approachable, likeable staff, which helps us to understand and meet their needs.” Moving forward, new projects and innovative initiatives look set to provide the firm with many exciting opportunities as Corinne concludes. “Currently we are about to launch two campaigns for two new African clients. One is a project to locate US based alumni from University of Cape Town and commence a hard hitting fundraising campaign for the University here in the States. The other is to raise money in the US for a new hospital in Malawi, to be designed by the famed architect, Steven Holl. From an internal growth vantage point, our response model building capacity has just been launched and we intend to grow this portion of our business substantially in the next year. This is linked to a strategy to help non-profits grow their mid-level donor bases, a segment we feel has been ignored while development directors focus on small, direct mail donors and large donor face to face relationships.” BU160012 Faircom New York

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