Wealth & Finance International - Business Awards 2016

Business Awards 2016 4 Best Specialized Outsourced Clinical Services Provider 2016 CCBR Clinical Research is a science based company which is entirely dedicated to conducting clinical trials between Phase Ib to Phase IV. CBBR has the capacity and knowledge to offer their partners in the pharmaceutical industry all the services which they may require within clinical trials. We invited MD Tomas Hala to tell us more. Company: Bioclinica Czech Group Name: Tomas Hala, M.D Web Address: Bioclinica.com Email: [email protected] Telephone: +420 776 807 304 Clinical trials are complex, multi-national operations. There are innumerable logistical challenges involved with recruiting patients, collecting high quality data, and meeting regulatory requirements. The Bioclinica Czech Group simplifies the complexity and solves the challenges associated with clinical trials through a network of established and readily-available investigator sites. The group is among the fastest growing companies in the field of clinical research in Europe and its structure are among unique in the region. The sites are unified by best-in-class recruitment practices and globalized standard operating procedures (SOPs) and quality systems, yielding the highest quality of data. Each site is staffed by medical experts and trained professionals – therapeutic area specialists, physicians, nurses, study coordinators, and technicians – and has a full array of medical testing equipment. Tomas outlines how the firm’s sites make the process easier and more efficient. “Our innovative technologies enable us to reduce trial complexity, increase efficiency, and provide greater clarity around the effects of the drug being researched so that you can achieve your scientific and business objectives as swiftly as possible. All our facilities have access to the equipment needed to run various tests, including imaging machinery. Each of the investigator sites in the Bioclinica Czech Group is structured to optimize the conduct of clinical research, and is strategically located to take advantage of access to patient populations. In addition, each site is outfitted with state-of-the-art medical testing equipment and is staffed by physicians, nurses, study coordinators, technicians and other medical professionals and personnel with therapeutic area specialization. “Fundamentally, Quality is at the center of all we do. Partners benefit from our professional Quality Assurance organization, which oversees all operations to confirm the highest-quality data for your study. All sites follow validated SOPs and detailed training programs so that clinical research is conducted to the same high standards of quality and compliance across the globe.” The high performing clinical trials conducted by CCBR allow the team to develop study specific strategies for patient recruitment, including direct contact with potential participants through their long established database, which ensures that they can always meet or exceed their enrolment targets. From screening to randomization, visit management and follow up, CCBR conducts all the clinical procedures required by protocol. Their standards of patient care ensure that patient retention rates are consistently high. In addition, the team’s proven performance in the delivery of compliance with protocol results in quality and consistency of data that is unmatched in the industry, as Tomas emphasises. “Bioclinica Czech Group maintain an extensive and dynamic patient database as well as multi-faceted patient communities – all of which can be expertly tapped through our propriety applications and our unique online and social media strategies. We have recruited and managed patients for multiple large studies, and can uncover the right patients for clinical trials rapidly. “Clinical trials depend on the long-term retention of patients to ensure high-quality data and successful outcomes. You simply cannot afford to have high percentages of patients lost to follow-up. We have extensive experience retaining patients in studies for up to 10 years. Due to the systematic processes and patient-centric care we have in place, more than 90% of the patients we recruit remain active throughout the course of the study.” BU160026 BIOCLINICA CZECH GROUP CCBR Czech Pardubice CCBR Prague CCBR Brno CCBR Ostrava

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